The Ex Macca Found Her Pot O' Gold

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It turned out to be one expensive mid life crisis mistake for Sir Paul.......

The Dread Pirate Heather is doing a little jig of joy this Saint Patrick's Day

Her cootchie found the pot of gold: 48.7 million dollars for 4 years of hard work establishing herself as the most loathed woman on several continents.

Allegations had surfaced that Heather had ample practice using her nether regions as an ATM...well, practice must have made perfect.

The Succubus Bint Hits Paydirt

A British judge has awarded Heather Mills a total of $48.6 million in the financial settlement of her divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney.

A document released by the Family Court says the judge awarded Mills a lump sum of $33 million plus assets she currently holds worth $15.6 million.

"I'm so, so happy with this," Mills told reporters following the closed hearing.

the figure was twice what Sir Paul had offered, but only about a third of what Mills wanted.

Mills had sought almost $250 million, while McCartney had said she should receive $31.6 million, including her own assets, which the court assessed at $15.6 million.

Fer cryin' out time the urge hits you Paul do yourself and your wallet a big favor--- ring up Eliot Spitzer and ask him for the 1-800 number of the Emperors Club...they have branches in the UK:

It will end up costing you a whole lot less for some afternoon delight...and you might get a ho with a semi-pleasant disposition this time around.

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  1. I was floored at the judgement. That is a lot of money for just four years of marriage. Plus, it appeared that the loon has custody of their daughter.

  2. And people say there is no money to be made by being a beyotch! The Diva, with all her well honed bitching skills, definitely got into the wrong business...I could have made BILLIONS.

    Well, maybe Heather will be able to use her extortion payout...I mean divorce settlement.... and buy herself a pleasant personality. Yeah, right...what the hell was I thinking? 50 million dollars would not even come close to that monumental task.

    Thanks Beeker for stopping by@

  3. I can not believe they gave that little whiney whench that much money. Are they for real? What was that judge smoking???? That's insane!

  4. Hi Monique!

    'Tis truly a shame that you and I were not allowed to "help" the judge in his decision---the hussy would have ended up having to pay big bucks to Paul for friggin' pain and suffering... and I would have immediately unsealed all the delicious dirt she is scrambling to keep under wraps (according to the latest news out of the UK some really juicy crap came out behind the closed chamber doors) Thank you so much for stopping by!