Did the She-Devil do Macca Wrong?

Heather the Horrible?

It is no secret that the Aging Disco Diva has no love for Heather Mills

...I abhor the nasty, self-centered, gold digger (see my earlier blog entries) But in no way should you construe my animus as a personal bias.

Just ignore the fact that I had pictures of Paul pasted (literally--boy was my father pissed off!) all over the walls of my bedroom as a kid (lovingly cut out of Teen Beat, Teen Magazine, Tiger Beat, etc.)

or that I collected Beatles trading cards and was willing to trade two John cards for one Paul card...

or that my son knew that the perfect gift to give me for my 49th birthday was this little statue based on the Saturday morning Beatles Cartoon.

After all, I was willing to accept the fact that he and Linda were a good match (We will ignore my hysterical crying jag that lasted from 1967 until late 1970 when I realized he was not going to knock on my front door and sweep me off my feet)

I have a pretty good "people-dar" and can get strong vibes from people...and in all kidding aside, I just got really bad vibes from Heather. I knew Paul was lonely, having lost his true soul mate (sigh..not me...Linda) and was hoping that Heather was the "one" but she repulsed me from the get-go and I could not explain why--just a very strong negative aura she gave off.

Could she at least have TRIED to pretend she had some tender feelings for the man? She looks like she can barely hide her contempt in so many pictures.

When allegations of her "colorful" past began to surface I was not overly shocked:

She is one of those people that I can't bear to watch...at all....as in when she was on "Dancing With The Stars" (One of my TV guilty pleasures) I would literally HAVE to turn the television off and try and guess when her segment was over. I finally gave up and would wait until the show was over and watch it on my DVR (fast forwarding whenever she was on...and even then I found it disturbing)

She really is such a ray of F'n sunshine isn't she?

Well, this little nugget has been racing across the Internet this evening:

Sun, Feb 10 03:55 PM

London, Feb 10 (Yahoo ANI): Heather Mills cheated on Sir Paul McCartney for six months with a secret lover, it has been revealed.

The former model had marathon sex sessions with film editor Tim Steel the night before joining the Beatles legend on a romantic Caribbean Valentine's holiday.

The sensational revelation comes as the couple prepare for a confrontation week in their bitter multi-million-pound divorce battle.

Steel has claimed that the former porn star had showed him Sir Paul's loving texts, before romping with him.

"I didn't mind-I suppose I was flattered that Heather still wanted to have sex with me despite being pursued by this musical demi-god," News of the World quoted Steel, as saying.

"Heather was insatiable between the sheets and she liked to call me her four-times-a-night guy. Our record was six.

"But it was strange lying in bed talking about Paul McCartney. I would be with her when he called or texted her. She'd even show me the texts!" he added.

The words "Heather" and "insatiable" in the same sentence.....excuse me while I go projectile vomit. If turns out to be true I hope the beyotch gets NOTHING...not one f'in dime in the divorce settlement

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