2008 Grammy Highlights...according to me.

The Aging Disco Diva's Grammy Highlights

Much like the Super Bowl commercials, the 2008 Grammys were... blah. Miley Cyrus looked like a two bit hooker (Call me old fashioned but I never encouraged/allowed my 15 year old daughter to go out looking like a 23 year old lady of the evening) Anyway....here are my official 2008 Grammy best moments---

Amy looking and sounding good:

Damn, what a voice....we all pray she does not go the Janis Joplin Route...

Dear Lord....please, please let me look as good now as Tina Turner does at age 68. Sheyat...she looks better than I did at age 38:

I was not much of a Kanye West fan until last night.... what an amazing performance, Here is his tribute to his late mom, Donda:

The Aging Disco Diva's favorite cawfee tawk bud, The Aging Bingo Princess, loves, loves, loves her "Joshie" Groban. Just the thought of Josh makes her all warm and fuzzy.... flipping her bingo chips and flashing her dauber. I had never heard of Josh (which rendered the Bingo Princess speechless but she quickly remedied this deficit in my knowledge base) So this is for you Bingo Princess:

The queen of soul still has some awesome pipes. The Aging Disco Diva bows to the Supreme Diva of the Universe:

The latest news out of Hollywood is that the writer's strike might be over, which is good news. I am going through Ugly Betty and Pushing Daisy withdrawals and I need a fix of new episodes NOW.

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  1. You are so awesome to do this for me! There is NO other voice that contains such purity of sound and his range is phenominal!