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I am not affiliated with either of the major political parties, but The Aging Disco Diva remembers the vicious comments made about Amy Carter when her dad was President. Hateful, hurtful and full of venom---basically saying she was ugly and was even referred to her as a dog (mind you she was just a preteen and teenager at the time) I was aghast at the time and was horrified when it happened again with Chelsea Clinton. Conservative Talk radio hosts felt no shame in bullying Chelsea, making fun of her appearance, and I guess it is still open season on her:

MSNBC says it has temporarily suspended anchor David Shuster from all NBC news broadcasts — except to offer his on-air apology for what he said about Chelsea Clinton.

Shuster outraged the Clinton campaign by saying on the air that the campaign had "pimped out" the Clintons' daughter, when they had her place phone calls to party superdelegates on her mother's behalf.

I guess I am confused...why did the Bush offspring get a free pass? We saw pictures of Jenna Bush, drunk out of her mind--and underage, nearly doing a Britney style cootchie flash while sprawled out on the street, ciggie in hand, but it was largely ignored. Both girls were cited on more than one occasion for underage drinking... no mention by certain reporters or organizations. Why? And why isn't anyone saying that McCain is "pimping" out his 95 year old mother?

Either viciously attack all the political is a novel idea: leave them the F' alone. Go ahead...make fun of the daddy who loves him some trailer trashy tarts with red dresses and can say with a straight face "I did not have sex with that woman!" ...or the daddy who can't pronounce the word "nuclear" (English appears to be his second language on occasion) but can clearly say "Daddy, Give me another double on the rocks and hold the pretzels"

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