New Like....8 Tracks?


Every comic in America must be bowing down every night and giving copious prayers of gratitude. They don't even have to break a sweat coming up with is being hand delivered in a big shiny box with a sparkle bow by the candidates.

Jon Stewart:

Verbage? The Aging Disco Diva can't seem to find verbage in her dictionary....hmmmmm...must be a new contraction of the words "verbal" and "garbage"


  1. As a kid, I can remember 8 track tape!

    I would have to wait for the entire song cycle to play, before I could hear my favorite song again!


  2. It is too easy right now. Tragically too easy!

  3. Hi Paulshealthblog....the Diva can relate...I would not dream of driving around in my exploding Pinto unless I was hauling my irreplaceable 8 track tape collection ;) In fact the Diva is so damn old she has the Beatles White Album in vinyl, reel to reel, eight track, cassette, CD and now mp3. Damn that is depressing. Time to refresh my drink.

  4. Hi Deb...yes, it brings to mind that quaint old Kansas saying "Like shooting fish in a barrel" LOL. Thanks for dropping by again :)

  5. Verbiage. hey, I am here to help...

    Damn Comedy Central always screws up things.

  6. Hi Humorsmith--actually Comedy Central had it completely right, I don't know 'bout how things are up in Alaskie...but here in the lower 48 the word "verbiage" has three syllables... the word Ms Palin kept uttering over and over clearly had two syllables. She needs to lower her voice to somewhere below the range where only dogs can hear it and yowl, and bring back that third syllable. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Your Divaness-

    Thanx for taking an EC ad at "After Midnight"! Nice to see some of my old companions.

    As to Ms. Palin's created wrd "verbage", such matters are far from new in American politics. During Warren G. Harding [front man for perhaps the most corrupt administration before the year 2001]'s campaign, he invented the world "normalcy", to describe the state in which he wanted the US to be. If by "normalcy", one means the sort of coprrupt politics his administrattion was legendary for, well, he was onto something...