Man Lands On The Moon!

Today's late breaking new flashes from Captain Obvious:

The Earth is Round~!

Man has landed on the Moon~!

Clay Aiken is gay~!

Clay Aiken to reveal he is gay
Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:25pm EDT

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After years of dodging questions, former "American Idol" singer Clay Aiken will acknowledge he is a gay man in an interview with People magazine set to run on its Web site Wednesday, according to media reports.

In August this year, Aiken's friend, music producer Jaymes Foster, gave birth to the baby fathered by Aiken.

A spokeswoman for People would neither confirm nor deny that Aiken told the magazine he is gay. But the magazine issued a statement saying, "We can confirm that Clay Aiken and his son appear on the next cover of People. For the complete story, visit at 7 a.m. (EDT Wednesday) (1100 GMT) morning."

Aiken, 29, gained fame as a contestant on the No. 1-rated U.S. TV talent show "American Idol" in 2003. He was the runner-up that season but went on to build a solid singing career on his own. He currently appears on Broadway in "Monty Python's SPAMALOT."

For years, Aiken has dodged questions about whether he is homosexual despite persistent rumors on the subject. He has said, generally, that his sexuality was nobody's business but his own.

In 2006, ABC television's Diane Sawyer asked Aiken and he shot back that it was a "really rude" question. He also dodged it in a previous interview with People magazine saying that readers "are going to believe what they want."

Welcome out of the big, deep closet Clay. Everything is going to seem brighter, clearer and so much happier out here in the sunlight. Time to do a happy dance!

The Diva is not a big fan of Clay's musical genre but I just might have buy a few CDS as a sign of support.

Is that tiny Tom I see peeking out of that closet?? Nah.....


  1. So, wait, lemme get this straight.
    (no pun intended).
    Clay is gay, we really did land on the moon, and the earth is round??
    Now I have to re-think my entire life philosophy.

    I was sort of hoping the world was spork-shaped.

  2. You crack me up...thanks for the laugh.

  3. You crack me up...thanks for the laugh.