Mr. Rockford and Miss Rotten...Two Extremes on Life's Spectrum

The Diva was so sad to read about James Garner's stroke and hospitalization. I have always had very impure OMILF (Older Man I'd like to get frisky with) thoughts whenever I thought of him (and of course Ricardo "Rich Corinthian leather" Montalban) ... I can remember envying Sally Field in "Murphy's Romance" because he was in that movie and of course I was a big "Rockford Files" fan as a teenager...and have watched "Victor/Victoria" more times than should be legal--again he was friggin' hawt as "King Marchand"

Mercy, time for the Diva to take a cold shower!

Just when you thought that irrepressible harpy from hell could not get any lower than a case of crotch crabs she manages to pull out all the stops and sink even further down the food chain. Seriously...does Dread Pirate Heather Mills stay awake at night plotting and planning how to become the most loathed creature to slither on this planet? Sheyat, she one could be this vile without putting great thought into it...or can they?

Vile, nasty and loathsome...does not even begin to cover it

Heather Mills has been accused of breaking a promise to provide new artificial legs for a disabled Russian woman.

The former wife of Sir Paul McCartney first met Maria Rybkina, who was left disabled following a train accident, at her flat in Moscow four years ago.

After hearing the 28-year-old's story, the former model pledged 20,000 dollars to help - but it is claimed that she never handed over the cash, despite repeated promises to do so.

This has forced Rybkina to take to the streets of Moscow to beg for money, reports Contactmusic.

Maria has received support from British couple Robin and Inna Barratt for the past few years. She is finally able to walk again after the pair held numerous fund raising events.

However, the Barratts said that they are furious with Mills' false promises.

Recalling a phone call they received from Mills herself after they wrote in to the Heather Mills Health Trust, a charity for amputees, Robin says, "She said brightly, 'Hello, this is Heather Mills-MCCartney.' We spoke for a long time."

"Heather said she would personally get Maria some really good artificial legs, which would cost around 10,000 dollars, and cosmesis - the silicone cosmetic covering - which would be another 10,000 dollars.

"She promised she would also provide all the medical support needed to get her walking again. She told us that because her charity only helped victims of landmines, she would support Maria from her own personal finances," he added.

But Mills' vows failed to materialize, and the Barratts made up the cash needed for Rybkina's prosthetics by donating 4,000 dollars of their own money, as well as holding various fund raisers.

Robin said: "Heather rang us and emailed us repeatedly with promises to pay for Maria's legs. But every single promise she made fell flat. In the end, she never did anything at all."

"At first we thought she was a really sincere person. But all her big promises came to nothing. It was shocking behavior," he added.

If you would like to help Maria out here is a website that you can donate at: Maria's Story

Ok everyone.... the line forms behind me...I get first dibs slapping the snot outta' her:

The Diva packs a hell of a slap, eh Heather baby?


  1. Heather Mills or Cherie Blair ? Who would you shoot first ?

    You got a blog and a half! Great to visit .

  2. Hi caledonian jim....for those of us over on this side of the pond it has to be Heather...hands down. Cherie Blair at least has the good sense to annoy mostly only the British (and some Americans with her President Bush comments) but Heather is the scourge of the planet and is working on expanding this to the whole universe. Mrs. Blair appears to be somewhat like our present First Lady, some love her and some loathe her...but Heather Hate is universal, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!