Money Can't Buy Me Love....

Honestly, the Diva just cannot understand this whole Paris Hilton schtick. Other than daddy's money (or the money from grandpa that she will be getting through daddy because grandpa cut her out of the will) why is she famous?

Anyone? Anyone? Class? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Is she famous because she is a great songstress?

Sheyat no, but the studio technician who tried, in vain, to do something with that voice should get a big chunk o' grandpa's dough for the herculean effort that had to have been involved.

Is she famous because she is a great actress?

Oh friggin hell NO:

As of April 3, 2008, the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 5% of critics gave "The Hottie or the Nottie" positive reviews. Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 6 out of 100 — indicating "extreme dislike or disgust." IGN gave it a 0 star review, saying "Hottie and the Nottie presents a problem because there are just no words to adequately express how clumsy, trite and deeply offensive it is from start to finish." Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers gave the film a half-star rating, saying that the half-star was because "it takes guts (or gross dim-wittedness) [for Hilton] to appear on screen again after House of Wax." And film critic Scott Feinberg reported that a colleague muttered, "Shoot me in the f*cking face," during a Boston press screening of the film. As of April 2008, the film is ranked #1 in the IMDb Bottom 100 with a rating of 1.1 out of 10.

Is she famous because she is so brilliant?

What is so damn sad is that these were the ACTUAL quotes taken from the deposition... they are not made up, people. She did not know the difference between her left shoulder and right shoulder. OMFG.

Hey Paris, your left boob is hanging, your OTHER left boob...

Is she famous because she is such a wonderful humanitarian, philanthropist and all around model citizen?

That's a big ole': 不, nr, non, nein, αριθ, いいえ, não, нет, NO....

Regardless of the "whys"; she IS famous...famous enough to have words created to describe her:

On the June 14, 2007 edition of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Michael Musto coined the word 'celebutard' (combination of the words 'celebrity,' 'debutante' and 'retard') to describe celebutaunte Paris Hilton.

Maybe, just maybe... her fifteen minutes of truly head-scratching (and if the gossip is to be believed..other parts are a scratching too) fame is about up:

Search for Paris’ new BFF not going so well

The search for Paris Hilton’s new best friend is not going as well as the heiress would have hoped. The first kink in the plan? The turnout at the New York City casting call for “hot bitches and fierce guys” turned out a paltry 40 to 50 people, according to most reports from insiders. In fact, at least one media outlet that was genuinely interested in doing a story on the process of casting the newest Hilton hanger-on was told at the last minute that no press would be better than any press.

Hilton reacted as any young person in her position would — by posting to MySpace for damage control. Hilton claimed there were “NO open calls for the show” and that “every event is exclusive and hand-picked by invitation only ... I didn't want my potential BFFs to have to wait in a long open-call lines.”

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  1. Oh please make her go away.

    I'm sick and tired of seeing her snooty face plastered everywhere. That girl doesn't look like she has an honest/sincere/friendly bone in her body.

    I agree with you. Just why is she so famous? What talent has she contributed, besides making an ass of herself?

    Just because the family is rich and semi-famous does not mean the offspring need to be.

  2. Hi Michele,

    She has the kind of face you just want to slap doesn't she? I've heard her referred to as "Parisite Hilton" and that about sums her existence up! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. ohh please tell us how you really feel!

  4. Hi serenity! Yes, the Diva must learn to come out of her shell and not hold back her emotions and opinions so much (I am dodging lightening bolts from the heavens as I type this, LOL) Thanks for dropping by for an espresso and some hot baked snarkiness (the house specialties)

  5. Poor Paris she tries sooooo hard bt is stil a failure at everything, and unfortunately she is constantly thrust upon us


  6. Hi Cayasm....if it were not for the family $$$$$ Miz Paris would be working at a job that requires a hairnet and frying french fries...or involved in the world's oldest profession. She truly has few talents and evidently even less brain matter.