A Woman Scorned + YouTube = Holy Carp!

You know, back in the old days if a man did his wife wrong she could toss his clothes, piece by piece, out the third floor apartment window so that when honey came home from work he would be greeted by the sight of his best dress shirts, expensive pants and BVDs hanging from tree branches and strewn across the front of the building. As he walked up the sidewalk toward the lobby entrance he would then be bombarded by his toiletries, suitcases, shoes and anything else she could grab and toss that might inflict bodily harm (Aging Disco Diva's maternal grandmother)

or.....she could sweetly explain to her spouse, while slicing veggies for dinner one evening, that he " Better stop seeing that *&^*& tramp" and when he replies "Don't you tell me what I have to do!" she makes a damn good attempt at slicing off his appendage...no, not that appendage (I am not descended from the Bobbit clan), she nearly severs the finger he was pointing in her face when yelling at her (Aging Disco Diva's paternal grandmother)

.... now you know why the Divo has never strayed---he is married to a woman who has the blood of fiery, vindictive, strong-willed Hispanic women who will not take crap from anyone coursing through her veins... not only can I use the insanity defense in any court in the country...I have the verified genealogy to back it up.

Well, that was in the good old days....but today, thanks to technology, women can not only air the dirty laundry for the neighbors to see, they can friggin' broadcast it to the whole planet:

What Would Grandma Have Done?


We're the YouTube Generation, living in the YouTube Era, in a YouTube World. And now we apparently have a YouTube Divorce. Some prominent New York divorce lawyers couldn't think of another case where a spouse -- in this instance, the wife of a major Broadway theater operator -- had taken to YouTube to spill the secrets of a marriage in an apparent effort to gain leverage and humiliate the other side.

"This is absolutely a new step, and I think it's scary," said Bonnie Rabin, a divorce lawyer who has handled high-profile cases. "People used to worry about getting on Page Six [the gossip page of the New York Post]. But this? It brings the concept of humiliation to a whole new level."

In a tearful and furious YouTube video with close to 150,000 hits to date, former actress and playwright ("Bonkers") Tricia Walsh-Smith lashes out against her husband, Philip Smith, president of the Shubert Organization, the largest theater owner on Broadway.

She goes through their wedding album on camera, describing family members as "bad" or "evil" or "nasty," and talks about how her husband is allegedly trying to evict her from their luxury apartment. She also makes embarrassing claims regarding their intimate life, and then calls his office on camera to repeat those claims to a stunned assistant.

Famed divorce attorney Raoul Felder, called for comment on the video, termed the whole thing "funny, but there's also sadness. This is a victim who is holding her head up. I think she comes off well."

Then again, Felder allowed that he is now representing Walsh-Smith -- though he wasn't when she made the YouTube video.

As for Smith, his office said he had no comment and his lawyers said they didn't, either -- "other than that we're kind of appalled."

"I don't think it's the kind of thing people should be doing, and it's the kind of thing judges frown upon," said Norman Sheresky, a partner in the matrimonial law firm Sheresky Aronson Mayesfsky & Sloan, which Walsh-Smith mentions in her video. Asked if he had ever seen a spouse use YouTube to fire a salvo in a divorce battle, Sherefsky replied, "Jamais de la vie." (Translation: Never.)

Felder explained that his client was "acting out of passion." He also called the prenuptial agreement she'd signed with her husband, who is a quarter-century older than her, "stupid."

Hmmmm....much older wealthy man.... wackjob younger wife....holy carp on a platter.... how long until the Dread Pirate Heather Mills discovers the joys of making a total and complete arse of oneself on YouTube and we get to hear her high pitched whines in a viral video???

"Bee-ah-trisss can nawt pos'bly be expected to survive on only one million pounds a year"

Money makes the world go around
The world go around
The world go around
Money makes the world go around
It makes the world go 'round.

A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound
A buck or a pound
A buck or a pound
Is all that makes the world go around,
That clinking clanking sound
Can make the world go 'round.

Money money money money money money
Money money money money money money
Money money money money money money
Money money

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  1. You have a great blog. I love the pictures. I am going to be checking back in the future.

  2. Hi April! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by for a cup of espresso and a helping of gossip, LOL.

  3. When a man does wrong to his wife and vice versa, one has to undergo proper trial and due process.. LOL!



  4. Ooooh so you think I should do one about MPS and his arsehattyness?

    If that whiny Heather Mills did one I think it would be grounds for euthanasia.

  5. The Dread Heather Mills is going to be featured in a one off show on British TV next week I wish she would just go away, but luckily for us Brits she wants to move to the USA WOO HOO