Friday's WTF??

Have you ever come across something in a book or magazine that is so odd that you had to stop, look again, stop, turn the page, stop, turn the page back, stop, check the cover again, stop, and then exclaim "WTF?"

The Aging Disco Diva was reading one of her deliciously trashy magazines ("Star" April 21 issue) last night when she came across this:

I thought it had to be a joke or some type of parody...but is a genuine McDonald's ad for their new dollar menu. This is an actual scan of the ad in the magazine. Now, let me give you some background....

Once upon a time the Aging Disco Diva was flipping through TV channels and saw Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.

Tammy Faye was one of those larger than life, flamboyant women who mesmerize gay men and Disco Divas everywhere. I just had to stop and watch the show. It was called "The Surreal Life" and everyone on the show was a has-been that I recognized immediately:

"Oh wow, look at Erik Estrada!"

"OMG--that is Vanilla Ice"

...I recognized everyone except for one EXTREMELY fugly guy. Who the frig' was he?

Hmmm....the show info guide says his name is Ron Jeremy....never heard of him....I don't think he is a musician... don't remember his name from a TV show.... well, let me do a quick Google and see what I can learn.....

R-O-N (space) J-E-R-E-M-Y (press enter).... and let's see what we come up with...


No f'n way. He's a what.......??????

He is so, so, so, so..... FUGLY. Porn stars are supposed to look like this:

NOT this:

Fer' crying out loud...he has MOOBS... ...

Well, I was permanently damaged psychologically after that and though I did not watch any more episodes of the show (Too much whining... by the male celebs) I feared that I would never be able to forget the memory of the ugly porn star and did my best to bury it deep in my brain...until...

Fast forward to last night and the McDonald's ad:

Now, if McDonald's f'n thinks this is going to increase sales for it's dollar menu.... they must all already have Mad Cow Disease.

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  1. McDonalds are using The Living God That Is Ron Jeremy in their ads?

    Sorry, Diva, but that's a winning ad strategy as far as I'm concerned. All praise Ron! I feel the need for a McChicken McSandwich McMeal now.

  2. Ron Jeremy is going to give me nightmares now, I can tell... HELP ME!

  3. Hi Mark.... and hence we have the basic difference between men, who from Mars, and women, who are from Venus... you guys are thinking of all the chick action that pudge-pot gets and we women are thinking "OMG, what a nasty looking pudge-pot" Action vs. looks, LOL. Now if MickieD selected a young stud with six pack abs the Diva might be enticed into diving into a McMeal...but Ron Jeremy? Shudder... hey thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Kath!

    I must say my preconceived notions of what a porn star looked like were shot all to hell... shudder ... shudder .... and I get the same shudder now when looking at the golden arches. I will skip that McNasty meal. Thanks for stopping by again!

  5. I have to agree with The Diva. He is just nasty......or am I remembering the time I saw him in one of his videos? Hmmmmmmm

  6. Hey saw one of his videos and did not invite me over? That's it, you are outta the will, LOL

    Enjoy your weekend... I can't wait to spend the day in Manhappiness tomorrow. Looks like it will be a great day for a spring football game!

  7. Yes Ron Jeremey is pretty vile but apparantly the most famous male porn star ewwwww, to be honest if Macdonalds is putting posters like the "Happy meal" will never be the same again.

  8. Hi cayasm.... maybe this is all part of the plan to get everyone to start eating healthy, LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. That is so hilarious, but frightening I can remember them too. But what the hell has that vanilla ice guy got in his pants?

  10. You get what you pay for, and Ron Jeremy is about on par with a what passes for chicken sandwich for a dollar. Both make me say "ewww."

  11. Hi Lizzyt,

    We DO NOT want to know what Vanilla Ice has in his pants, dear lord, please, please...there are some things that are too ghastly to see the light of day, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Hi Deb,

    Yup, greasy looking and not something you would want to consume: R.J. and McMenu items. Makes ya feel queasy just thinking about them.... Thanks for stopping by again.