High-Level Blood-Sucker

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High-level Blood-sucker

Aha! It all makes sense now.....obviously Sir Paul, like Demi Moore, was trying to cleanse and detoxify---this explains his association with the Dread Pirate Heather:

Demi Moore recently used blood-sucking leeches to "cleanse" and "detoxify," she said during an appearance Monday on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

“I’ve always been somebody looking for the cutting edge of things that are for optimizing your health and healing, so just a week ago I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy,” she told Letterman.

“These aren’t just swamp leeches, these are highly trained medical leeches,” she said. “These are not just some low-level scavengers; we’re talking high-level blood-suckers.”

I am not sure that I would use the phrase "high level" when discussing Mucca, but the blood suckers description is right on.....

A Highly Trained Leech?

Heather Mills is trying to prove Paul McCartney is worth much more than the $800 million he claimed in their divorce battle, the Daily Mail reports.

She has told friends she is employing a team of forensic accountants to examine her estranged husband's finances, the Mail says.

Such information, she hopes, will lead to the divorce ruling being overturned and see more money go to their 4-year-old daughter Beatrice, according to the Mail. Mills has told friends she cannot look after Beatrice on $76,000 a year, the sum awarded at the High Court.

In her impromptu press conference after the divorce hearing at the High Court in London, Mills said: "We all know he's worth $1.6 billion. He's been worth $1.6 billion for the last 15 years." Mills, who was awarded a $48.7 million settlement, had recruited accountancy firm Lee and Allen in an attempt to discredit McCartney's own valuation of his wealth, the Mail reports.

Grim Fairy Tales?

Heather Mills is reportedly planning to begin writing children’s books. The former model, who was recently divorced from Paul McCartney, was inspired to write children’s books by her and McCartney’s 4-year-old daughter Beatrice.

“Heather says she’d like to do children’s fiction and thinks she’ll be good at it because of Beatrice,” says an insider. “Heather would be thrilled if she wrote a series of bestselling children’s books. You never know, she could be the next JK Rowling.”

Yeah, you never know.....though it is more likely that the Aging Disco Diva could be the next Miss Universe with monkeys flying out of her butt....

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  1. I saw Demi talking about her leech therapy. I'm thinking it's a big coverup, because she is obviously a bloodless and ageless vampire.

  2. good post! made me giggle but, I also think your assertation of Heather Mills is right on.

  3. Hi Deb...yes Demi is a vamping vampire, but the Diva is thinking that if a cute, but somewhat dim witted Boy Toy who likes to strut around in his tighty whitey underwear comes with the position she might just be tempted to put an application in.... Thanks for stopping by again, I love your comments!

  4. Hi Missus.mint... it does not take much to picture the Dread Pirate Heather with the blood of a rich, gullible and very vulnerable old rocker dripping from her fangs. If she comes to the states I think everyone needs to start wearing garlic around their necks and stash wooden stakes in their purses or backpacks! Hey thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments, it is much appreciated!