Does Anyone Smell A**......?

The Aging Disco Diva has the greatest job in the world, but even great jobs sometimes require travel or...actual (gasp) work.... so you might have noticed the brevity of this week's blog entries. Today was the last day of travel and I am back home in my castle, safe...sound...tending to my minions and definitely dragging my very tired polyester clad buttocks this evening. After an evening of taking energy pills (Godiva Chocolates and well aged Peeps) and drinking vitamin elixirs (Champagne followed with chocolate liqueur chasers) I should be good to go tomorrow and ready to supply you with my regular dose of snarkiness.

I did not want you to go away empty handed so here is a vintage Jon Stewart clip poking a bit of fun at that bastion of "fair and balanced reporting" Faux...I mean, Fox News:

And a clip of Jon and Larry agreeing to disagree:

Yeah, Karma CAN Be a Real Beyotch....

In 1989 Robin Williams married Marsha Garces... Marsha had been his kid's nanny...when Robin was still Valerie Velardi...his first wife...


Comedian Robin Williams' second wife, whom he met when she was his family's nanny, has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Marsha Garces Williams filed her petition in a San Francisco court last last week. The couple has been married since 1989 and have two children.

A little background:

Robin Williams first marriage was to Valerie Velardi on June 4, 1978, with whom he has one child, Zachary Pym (Zak) (born April 11, 1983). The marriage ended in 1988.

During Williams' first marriage, he was involved in an extramarital relationship with Michelle Tish Carter, a cocktail waitress whom he met in 1984. She sued him in 1986, claiming he gave her herpes without notifying her. The case was settled out of court.

On April 30, 1989, he married Marsha Garces, his son's babysitter. They have two children, Zelda Rae (born July 31, 1989) and Cody Alan (born November 25, 1991). Williams currently resides in a large house in the upper-income Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco.In March 2008, Garces filed for divorce from Williams, citing irreconcilable differences

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