Fugmentia Is Gripping America

When Mr. Aging Disco Diva casually mentioned yesterday "Your governor from NY was having an affair" I gave him the look you give your grandpa who sits in his underwear and watches the washing machine and puts his dirty clothes inside the TV.... the loving look that says "You are nuttier than a nut bar--if you were rich you'd be eccentric, but we are poor--- so you are just odd"

Mr. A.D.D. shot back with 'Not the old governor---the brand new one, the less-than-a-day-in-office governor"

No F'n way....but alas:

David Paterson diddled and dallied

Within hours of being sworn in, New York's new Governor admitted to an extramarital affair - and so did his wife.

The revelations stunned New Yorkers still reeling from the resignation of Eliot Spitzer last week after he was secretly recorded by the FBI arranging a tryst with a $1,000 an hour call girl.

David Paterson, who took the oath of office on Monday as New York's first black Governor and the first legally blind governor in US history, said he spoke out because “I did not want to be compromised. I did not want to be blackmailed”.

Mr Paterson said he sometimes stayed with a lover at a Days Inn hotel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, only a short subway journey from his office in his Harlem constituency when he was state senator.

But come on.... honestly....what is the first thing that came to mind when looking at these two men? Yes, you guessed it--- FUGLY, with a capital "F" I just don't get it. We are not talking Old-guy-I-would-do-in-a-heartbeat kind of men.....like say George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Richard Gere, Denzel Washington or Ricardo Montalban (he can caress my rich Corinthian Leather any day) Ricardo was 62 years old when he looked like this:

The Diva still gets all hot and bothered whenever she sees a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba.

No, we are talking about men who were probably ugly when they were young and their further fugliness developed with time.....

Women who let these fugs play "Adulterous Dangling Chads" with them always say "But their political/business/whatever power is an aphrodisiac---it makes them sexy!" No f'n way...there just is not enough power in the whole universe to make Fuglies suddenly become "right sexy wee basstards" OMG.... are the f'n women of the United States so desperate for a taste of fame and/or power that they will shag any fugly with a title?

I guess "moral fiber" is not a prerequisite for the governorship:

And for those of you who got my obscure "moral fiber" movie reference, I am sure you will agree that what New York needs is Pappy O'Daniel and his braintrust:

"Moral fiber? I invented moral fiber! Pappy O'Daniel was displaying rectitude and high-mindedness when that egghead you work for was still messing his drawers!"

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