Camille, you ignorant...

The Diva remembers back in the dark ages when SNL was actually funny. In one of her favorite skits Dan Aykroyd, in a Point-Counterpoint parody, says to Jane Curtain : "Jane, you ignorant slut!"

To paraphrase this a bit...."Camille, you ignorant slut"

Camille let it "slip" that her soon to be ex, Kelsey Grammer, might or might not be a cross dresser. "Oopsie, giggle, giggle, I don't want to get my padded ass sued Howard, so I cannot confirm or deny" She generously opined that Kelsey probably was not gay...but...ya' never know because well, she is such a prize that only a gay man would not be interested in bumping nasties with her silicon and botox nether regions.

Every time you open your silicone injected yap Camille, an angel, in a fit of rage, goes postal in heaven. Next plastic surgery you have should involve permanently shutting your gab up. Seriously. I could care less if Kelsey got it on dressed in a hot pink satin bustier and f**k me stiletto high heels while singing show tunes. If it does not involve minors or animals then who the hell cares what he likes in the bedroom? And more importantly why are you telling us what might or might not have gone on?  Ich nast. Shut your pie hole.

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