Whew, the rumors are false

The Aging Disco Diva is back after an unexpected hiatus. 

Great News! We can all rest easy now that the following has been cleared up:

"Rumors that former Sen. John Edwards is engaged to Rielle Hunter, his mistress and mother of his daughter, are false, two sources have told NBC News."

Well, isn't that special? No engagement and it has been less than a month since Elizabeth has died. What restraint.

Which is creepier? The rumor... or the fact that the rumor can be so easily believed because these two human beings are slimier than a Moco Monster with a head cold? 

The Diva has her eyes on you two Fockers.....


  1. The Diva is missing in action again.

  2. I had to take another leave of absence...I prefer to call it "an extended rest at a spa"... The authorities referred to it as "involuntary commitment" Semantics, shamantics. Thanks for stopping by Da Dude!!