The final chapter?

As some of you may have noticed the Aging Disco Diva has not been blogging since last March. I leave it to you to decide if I have been busy saving the world one stud muffin at a time, earning an honest living as a Chippendale's bed monitor, or in sex rehab with Tiger.

In any case I simply do not have the time to keep this beloved blog updated regularly but I am sharing my wit, wisdom and cyber STDs via Twitter. Twitterling takes a lot less time than blogging because you can be a Twit in 140 characters or less which takes about a minute...less time than it takes the Aging Disco Diva to do a thorough full body cavity search on the Men's Speed Skating team.

So if you are a twitutante feel free to follow me: @ny2ks

I will allow my pearls of twitterdom to appear at the top of this blog if you are too lazy to tweeter.

Adios peoples...


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