Oh Yeah...the "C" in CNBC Stands for COMEDY

Dontcha' just love listening to all those experts who have all the answers? ....some of the answers? .....a few of the answers?.... none of the answers?..... pull
stuff outta their butts and wing it.....?
Yup, that later category seems to cover most of the experts.

If you had been getting your financial advice from CNBC...well, let's face it... if you got your financial advice from CNBC odds are that you are not reading this anyway unless the local homeless shelter has some community computer access.

Leave it to Jon Stewart to point out the unintentional Comedy in CNBC:

Laughing all the way to the bank....oh my...poor choice of words

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  1. Stewart is amazing. He's trancended "comedy" a long time ago to become one of the most relevent commentators of our generation.