Clean as a Whistle

It took 48 hours of trial and error because I, and many of you, never could reproduce the pop-ups that Entrecard was seeing but when I removed my visitor "Geocounter" I was told there were no more pop-ups, so the Aging Disco Diva's blog is now:

It was a hell of a weekend. My beloved Wildcats lost...again...and I spend my whole damn weekend trying to get the pop up issue resolved so that I could get out of Entrecard Jail. Not fun, but the guys at Entrecard were able to steer me in the right direction.

Unfortunately I lost two+ weeks worth of Entecard ads scheduled to appear on this blog, all of the ads I had scheduled to appear on other blogs and my Entercard advertisement value is...shall we say....cheaper than a two bit hooker. Ten months of hard work down the toilet. I did retain my E.C. credits so it was not a complete loss.

At least I have a couple of hours to relax until going to bed and then starting my work week:

Don't worry, I am not inhaling.

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