POP UPS??? I need your help.....

Entercard is insisting that I have pop-ups on this blog, but I do not. I need your help. If you are seeing a pop-please send me an email and leave a comment letting me know EXACTLY what you are seeing. This is starting to get under my skin......


Thank you to everyone who is letting me know what you are seeing as far as pop-ups ... It all helps, even if one of the comments did sting--I guess it is part of my penitence.

The problem is somewhere in this blog, not with Entecard but I can't figure out where. I have not added pop ups to my blog (dear lord, I have no idea how) I will continue to slog on trying to figure out what is causing this.

I owe Entrecard a public apology: they were correct, I was not. I deleted my previous blog entry placing blame on them, it was unwarranted.

Again, thank you to everyone who is earnestly supplying constructive tips, I appreciate it. I was starting to run out of energy and ideas.

2nd update:

So far only the Entrecard people and Turnip (another blogger) saw pop-ups. Everyone else (at least 30 as of about midnight) have said via email and Twitter that they have never seen pop-ups here so I am completely stumped as to why a couple of people are consistently seeing popups and everyone else is not. Thank you to all who are sending me reports, it is appreciated. It is hard to figure out what to do because I am not seeing anything but I will keep working at it. The Diva is exhausted and needs to sleep on this.


  1. Dropping EC today, I did not see any pop ups. I'll let you know tomorrow is something change.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it! I am not seeing anything at all, but I guess my pop-up blocker is doing it's job.

  3. I visit your blog everyday and have never, not once seen a pop-up.

  4. hello! i always visit your blog and i see no pop-ups brobably because i have my ABP on. i tried checking it on Explorer and still no pop-ups. you probably got rid of what was doing it already.

  5. I haven't seen any pop-ups. Perhaps the people seeing them have spyware on their computer ?