A tiny speck of blue in a sea of red

The Aging Disco Diva lives in the reddest of the red states but there is one tiny oasis of blue out in the eastern part of the state. Strangely enough it happens to be the home of my much hated college rivals. I was there on business last Friday and was pleasantly shocked to see all the lawn signs and bumper stickers that were in support of my candidate.  I will, in any case, be so glad when this whole election cycle is over. It seems that just when I think it could not get any politically dirtier (or dumber) some political talking head (or intellectually constipated reporter/radio talk show host/TV arss-hat) proves that there is no limit to the slime and stupidity we Americans can come up with when we put our minds to it. 

The country will need to take a long hot shower and scrub the political sheyat off on November 5th and until then I am nervous about what else is going to be excreted in to the airways.

So while I am holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed until November 4th let's have some chuckles:

Who is that guy????

The original Thriller jacket on eBay...

November 4th cannot come quick enough.....

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