NCLB: No Conventioneer Left Behind

A few chocolate covered champagne bonbons to munch on this evening:

The Diva was so pleased to see that all those "Hooked on Phonics" lessons did not go for naught last night:

And of course, I just had to post Jon Stewart's take on this week's festivus... No matter what your politics, you can't help but laugh out loud at his great clips

The National Inquirer....doing some vetting? An interesting spin on what's good for the gander (John Edwards) is good for the goose (A little bit of Northern Exposure Miss Sarah?)

Yes, even the Aging Disco Diva had to battle the big, bad fourth estate meanies when I was running for Diva Queen of the Whole Friggin' Universe. But I didn't scream sexism or sic some wrinkly white haired old dude and his money bag (no, not Cindy--I mean literally a bag of money) after the press .... I just sent the flying monkeys to toss pooh...come to think of it I think I did see Karl Rove flinging the feces this week.

This is more fun than a barrel of flying monkeys.

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  1. You know I was just wondering last night if Sarah Palin has every had an affair.

    I think it's an ego/power thing and I wondered if she got sucked into the trap. And then I remembered she was pro-life so I figured she wouldn't go for it, because she wouldn't allow a condom or birth control.

    Then I wondered if her husband has had an affair. Kind of like, my wife's ego and job are bigger than mine. So let me show you what *I* have that's bigger than her.

    I'll have to read that Enquirer story to see what's actually "true." I mock. I have to say the Enquirer has been breaking some interesting stuff with surprising accuracy.