Why We Like Mike....

By now you know that there are two certainties in life....no, not that lame old "death and taxes"

Life's two certainties are: the Aging Disco Diva loathes celebrities who are dumb as a bag of hammers (alas, the list is too long to mention) and she adores her Kansas State Wildcats.

Michael Beasley will forever be a Wildcat, but I probably would be a fan of his even if he had never donned the royal purple because he is such a fun kid. Yes, I said kid. I am an old lady and old ladies are permitted (by law, look it up you damn whipersnappers) to say and do whatever the hell we please.

I have waxed on and on about what a great kid Mike is, how he got the shaft by ESPN who will, I predict, have their collective lips permenantly attached to his arse for the rest of his pro career to save time having to bend and kiss (or perhaps in Michael's case get up on their tippy toes to kiss ) it 24/7.

I have also shared how I am SO looking forward to reading years and years worth of anguished sob filled missives from Chicago sports fan who basically forced the Bulls to pass on selecting Michael as the first draft pick this summer even though he was, without doubt, the best college basketball player. I already have my "Boo F***g Who" shirt pressed and ready to wear while I relish their misery.

Here is episode 8 of "The Rookie" I invite you to watch it and see why we like Mike:

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