Time For A Wiener Roast....

What has the Aging Disco Diva's neon purple polyester hot pants all up in a bunch today?

How can I phrase this? John Edwards is a pig.

Nope, that phrase does not convey my complete feelings on the topic... let me try again: John Edwards is a scum sucking, slime licking, motherless pig.

Still not quite right. John Edwards is a scum sucking, slime licking, sheyat eating, motherless, trichinosis infested pig.

Sigh... closer, but still not a bullseye.

OMFG. Why in the hell are male politicians incapable of keeping the little pollster in their pants? What f'n fantasy planet do they live on that they think they can play "The intern and the kneepads" and not get caught?

This appears to be the one issue that both parties are in alignment. Philanders to the left of us, fornicators to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.

And the Diva don't play this "It is always Democrats" or "It is always Republicans" Good gawd, they are neck in neck.... or something in something... in this little tawdry sporting event.

I know, I know...I grew up constantly hearing "A sin is a sin" but damn, there has to be a special place of torment for scum sucking, slime licking, sheyat eating, motherless pigs who cheat on wives who are battling cancer. When I read this quote I about choked on my caviar and Godiva chocolate bonbon:

Edwards made a point of telling Woodruff that his wife's cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter. Elizabeth Edwards has since been diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease.

Well, isn't that just f'ing special? Maybe we should give him a cookie or a gold medal.

He waited until she was in remission. Wow John, I admire your restraint and compassion. It takes a real man to wait until his wife gets the news that her terrible cancer is in remission before tearing out of the hospital room to go find his bimbette so that they can rut with clear consciences.

And oh yeah-- Rielle Hunter, you are just as culpable. It's not like (a) You did not know that he was married (b) You did not know that his wife was battling cancer. Just wait Missy--- Karma is gonna put a huge beeyotch slap on your life.

Well John I hope your little one eyed Johnny thinks it was worth it, because this is not only causing more pain to your poor wife while she deals with terminal cancer, you have embarrassed the snot out of your children and anyone else who ever cared about you.

I do though wonder how in heck he managed to get around with that pair of HUGE brass ones he' s hauling around in his BVDs.

... He ran for PRESIDENT of the United States after this all happened. There are no words.

Anyway...you know what the Diva loves to do with scum sucking, slime licking, sheyat eating, motherless pigs, dontcha' Johnny?

Well at the very least we should have a Lorena Bobbitt style wiener (or weiner) roast....


  1. Hear, hear!!! I'd gladly join you for at the wiener roast!!!!!

  2. What EVER would you do if Google Image Search just didn't show up one day?

  3. Hi athena! You bring the marshmallows, I'll bring the chocolate and champagne and Mrs. Edwards will supply the weiners. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi rhodester! Well I probably would blog once a month without Google Image Search, LOL. Back in the days when I was a classroom teacher I created a PowerPoint presentation for every lecture (need to capture the attention of teenagers? Pictures--lots and lots of funny and/or interesting pictures)and finding the damn pictures took longer than creating the lesson, the PowerPoint slides and the assessments. I did though have so much fun including silly, funny pictures in my presentations that it carried over in my blogs. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. ;) Another post for posterity.

  6. Hi Mrs. mecomber. Dontcha' just get the feeling that John couldn't get elected pooper-scooper in the elephant house at the zoo after this? Like I said, I hope she was a heck of a good...diversion... because will cost him dearly for a long, long time. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with the Diva

  7. Err, but yes, it is a DEMOCRAT thing because he is a DEMOCRAT. Hell, he was almost their candidate for President and was strongly considered for VP. The Republican partly at least stands for some sort of respect for family, where the Democrats stand for freedom of self. Well?

    Self is f*cked up. So, worship yourself, leave your wife, f*ck the tramp, and vote Democrat. They'll have your @ss if you fail.

  8. "The Republican partly at least stands for some sort of respect for family"

    Of course it does dear! When I think of Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Bob Allen, Glen Murphy Jr., Ted Klaudt, Richard Curtis, David Vitter and Newt Gingrich "respect for family" is the first thing that pops right into my mind....

    Thanks for stopping by and making us smile. Please be sure to have one of my flying monkeys punch your parking ticket on your way out.

    Remember the Diva don't play that game...there is plenty of elephant crap that can be dug up along with donkey crap. Red crap, blue crap...it is still crap.

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  10. Thank You Diva.. You said everything I was thinking. Great post..

    I feel so bad for his kids, and his wife who has chosen to stay with the ass..

  11. Great post. The apologists will start soon enough, explaining how "all he did was have sex" ignoring that he broke the bonds of trust during the time when his wife was so vulnerable.

  12. It makes me sad.
    Disappointed. Angry.

    Why men in power can't keep their pants zipped is beyond me.

    Good post, Diva.
    I'd say more, but I'm just sad.

  13. Not that I approve of adultery, because I don't, but I also don't think that it is any of our business. Just because someone runs for president doesn't make ever little nook and cranny of his life our business.

    I'm tired of all things politics, really, but that happens every election year!

  14. I love the decapitated hot dog picture. :)

    I agree completely. Cheaters should be sliced and roasted.

    Preferably on live TV, as a warning to others.

  15. Yeah he is a douche bag. One BIG bag of douche.

  16. My my Miss Diva, you have very passionate feelings about life, and Miss Catt approves.

    Stop by someday for a glass of Miss Catt's refreshin' Bourbon Slush, and we'll have a gay ol' time sippin' n toastin', toastin' n sippin'.

  17. he he he!

    Love it girl! Even though I don't follow you yanks in your election stuff. Wait. I posted about Obama today. Dammit! I am a Yank now!

  18. Crikey, I've heard of no holds barred and you sure don't pull any punches! I take it your not exactly keen on this gentleman - and I can't say I can blame you :-) You go girl!!!

  19. Couldn't agree more. Edwards is gutter trash and anyone who defends his sleazy behavior ought to be ashamed.

    There is no way in hell we should put up with this kind of crap from our wannabe leaders. Time to clean house...

    Visit the Natural State Hawg!

  20. It is really late and it took me a second or two after I started reading for it to down on me that you were talking about John Edwards versus John Edward.

    I thought your polyester was in a bunch over him telling you he knows that your relative whose names has some consonants in it died in the past ten years or so, and that they may/may not have something on their mind

  21. You next thing you know, he's going to pull a david duchovny and turn himself into rehab for "sex addiction". Dumb ass!!

  22. It's that age old thing of power and sex going hand in hand for (some) men.
    But this takes the cake!

    Castration sounds good to me ;O)