Yup, He's More Than Star's Ex...He's Cleaner Than the Board of Health!

History has provided us with some great lines.


"My mother used to tell me that 'you look cleaner than the board of health'"

"I never dated anyone like Star before ( ) and I fell in love with her mind, I fell in love with our friendship and the conversations that we used to have," he said. "Star and I would sit on the phone at night and talk like we were in high school.

That's kind of how we developed this friendship that then blossomed into love and a relationship."

"When you read about me in the paper, it's always as Star Jones' ex-husband. I want people to know that I'm more than just Star Jones' ex-husband. I'm Al Reynolds."

"I am not a homosexual"

Yes, big Al I will admit you sure look clean as a whistle, very masculine, and much more than just "Mr. Star Jones" Now get outta here with your bad ole' "metrosexual" self. Geez, next thing you know people will start gossiping that Dumbledore is.... oh my.....

Must be getting kinda' crowded in there....


  1. Al & Star's relationship sounds like a couple of friends who made a business deal rather than a real marriage.