Trailer Trash Tales Today or Soap On A Rope Surprise!

It doesn't matter how much money they manage to stumble into or how hard they try...trailer trash will always manage to be trailer trash.

What do trailer trash dads wear to their son's court sentencing?

Well, at least he wore something with sleeves and a black doo-rag, rather than his usual muscle shirt and print bandana. If Hulk were black or Hispanic, do you think the judge would have tolerated him wearing this in their court??? Just pondering out loud.....

The Diva was pleased to see that Brooke went all out and wore something from the 2008 "Street Walker Collection" created by the "Oldest Profession" label to her brother's sentencing.

I am still searching for a better photo of the dress....if you have been watching the news coverage today you have no doubt caught sight of the black, shoulder-cut out ummmm... interesting fashion choice. A fashion hint--Brooke, honey---when you have shoulders like a linebacker you REALLY don't want to wear this type of design.

Anyway. Like all true trailer trash families, daddy Hogan supplied the booze to his underage, much speeding ticketed, spawn... and young Mr. Bollea ended up wrapping his expensive car around a pole and putting his buddy John Graziano into a coma. The accident came roughly two weeks after Nick had been cited for driving 82 miles per hour in a construction zone and was one of numerous speeding tickets, including two incidents where troopers stopped him on the interstate traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, on his driving record.

Nick initially facing a maximum sentence of 5 years behind bars but instead was sentenced to eight months in jail. The judge also suspended his drivers license for 3 years, put him on five years probation and he has to serve 500 hours of community service .... and the 17 year old MINOR cannot drink during his probation. In addition the judge decided to withhold adjudication. That means that after Nick has served his sentence he can apply to have the conviction removed from his record.

slap on the wrist

Today before being sentenced Nick Hogan said "Everyday I miss being with John, I feel terrible." But members of the Graziano family told the judge that Nick Bollea never showed any remorse after the crash that left John Graziano in a semi-conscious state.

John's father, Ed Graziano, said Bollea displayed senseless, reckless behavior when visiting John at Bayfront Medical Center in the days after the accident. He said Nick never wanted to be at the hospital and that it showed on his face, and when he did visit the hospital he would skateboard down the hallways and would shoot dart guns at the hospital.

"What Al-Quaeda couldn't do to my son, (Bollea) did," Ed Graziano said. John is likely to need lifelong care.

And just to prove that those dimwitted little Bollea nuts did not fall too far from that trailer trash tree...

Bollea family tree has very few branches....

Linda Bollea, Nick's mother, was caught on videotape engaging in illegal street racing.

The video showed Linda Bollea alongside another car in a Mercedes S600 with her daughter Brooke as a passenger:

Great role model. Whatta' family.

Well, at least we know what to get Nick for his 18th birthday on July 27th:

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