Must Be A Bad Drug Flashback

Must. Be. Having. Bad. Drug. Flashback. From. My. Wild. And. Crazy. Teen. Years.


Can We Gong This Whole Idea??

Comedy Central has ordered up a new incarnation of "The Gong Show," to be hosted by Dave Attell.

The updated "The Gong Show With Dave Attell" will premiere on the cable network on July 17.

The series will retain the basic premise of the classic NBC variety show, which was hosted by Chuck Barris and premiered in the summer of 1976. Every episode will feature eight-to-10 off-beat acts performing for a revolving panel of three celebrity judges. Good acts will receive high scores from the judges. Dismal acts will receive the gong.

The Gong Show was meant only to be watched while under the influence of mass quantities of adult beverages or hallucinogenic chemicals.... just like Chuck Barris was...and dear lawd.... only in the context of the 1970s.....

Oh, come on Diva, you say....just how bad could it have been?

BAD. Very.Very.Very. Bad. Hurts. To. Remember. Bad.

"We have a lot of bizarre ssssssstuff...... today for you. Ah, he/she is sooooo good.....Ladies and gentlemen here comes....more sssssstuff..."

Will they increase the jackpot from a dirty sock and $516.32???

"I don't why they did that, I loved your act....but then again I love faulty plumbing...."

I did love Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine. The rule my buddies had was that no matter what you were doing or wearing you had to dance along with Gene Gene when he appeared.

Do you recognize the guy in this Gong Show clip? Hint, hint: Think "Playhouse"

Yes, the Diva has no doubt that he can eat two wieners.

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  1. Your Fabulousness-

    There were, indeed, some truly surreal moments on "The Gong Show".Of course, in an era when Presidential candidates mentally check-off which late-night talk shows they've visited [poor Ron Paul could only get a chance to be "Guest Dealer" on Overnight Poker], we may not even notice the strangeness at all any more. And that's a shame...

  2. What's this? Television is going to have grotesque, idiotic, perverse, mindless drivel?!?!?

    Ummmmmm..... the only difference between this show and all the others is this one will have a gong.

  3. Hi Mike, I completely agree. What was bizarre back in the day is called "Reality TV" today and no one thinks twice about it. The Gong Show is sorta' the great-grandfather of "American Idol" and "Celebrity Detox" or whatever nonsense is currently on. The Diva is just not sure her old liver can take another dose of the "Gong Show" Thanks for stopping by again!

  4. Hi Mrs. mecomber. One big difference was that the Gong Show never took itself seriously...or was intended to view while sober. Today's shows think they are so clever, but often fall far short :( And to be honest...the Gong Show was purty' rank back in the 70s and I don't think 40 years has lessened the stink factor. Hey, thanks for stopping by and grabbing an espresso and some warm snark snacks and visiting with the Diva.