The Strumpetini Miss Miley

The diva is trying to find the proper word for a harlot-in-training... harlotita? whorelette? sluticule? strumpetini? slagole?

Yes, the consensus front runner in the race to replace Britney as "America's Tartlette" is in the news once again.

A Kodak Moment?

Revealing photos of teen star Miley Cyrus appear to have turned up on the internet – just weeks after she was criticized for posing wrapped in just a sheet for Vanity Fair.

In the new snaps, a young woman who looks exactly like the 15-year-old is seen in a series of provocative poses, wearing just a T-shirt and red lacy knickers.

Miley emailed the provocative shots to former boyfriend Nick Jonas when they were dating last year, claims

After the Vanity fair shoot was published, it caused a furore and Miley apologized to fans, insisting she never meant the images to be so explicit.

'I took part in a photoshoot that was supposed to be "artistic" and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed,' she insisted.

'I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.'

Sigh... Momma Billy Ray needs to slap his baby cash cow upside the head and take away her damn camera phone. Who needs a famous Vanity Fair photographer when you can accomplish the same thing all by your empty-headed little self? Lil Miss Miley is hell bent on getting that portfolio of inappropriate pics ready so that when she hits 18 she can sign her name on a Playboy centerfold contract.

Now I have not been shy about sharing with you my suggestions on rearing this train wreck in training, but Momma Ray must not be a regular reader. I can now add this suggestion for Mr. Cyrus: Burn the friggin Victoria Secret "F*** Me" lace panties that your little dimwitted spawn likes to flash and replace them with these:

"But daddy....I want lace on my underwear!" "OK honey you can have these":

"White?...but daddy I want red underwear!" " Ok my little airhead, you can have these":

"and Miley sweetie...if you dontquityurbitchin daddy is going to buy you one of these" :

Just think of the possibilities Billy Ray! You can market "Hannah Montana" chastity belts, complete with purple and pink rhinestones.


  1. OH, when oh WHEN is Dakota Fanning going to jump on the bandwagon? I can lik, SO hardly wait.

    Pedophile Pete in Piedmont

  2. ROFLMAO......I can't stop laughing. Thanks, Diva! :)

  3. Hi rhodester.... here is Lil Miss Clueless's response: "But, but, but... I had NO idea that some people would look at pictures of me half nekked and would have impure thoughts. I mean, they are like, totally artistic and classy!"

    LOL, thank for stopping by!

  4. Hi nicole, I am so glad I could make you chuckle, but dontcha' have a sneaking suspicion that the whole Cyrus clan would need cue cards and crib notes to understand what I meant? ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I have to agree with you again, damn it! :)