Drowning in Papers

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts this week. The Diva works in the education field and this is the time of year that my paperwork and files must be involved in hot, sweaty, paper sex at night because every morning when I stumble into my home office it is apparent that the pile of paperwork needing to be filed had procreated and quadrupled in size overnight.

This morning I started working on paperwork that would of course need to be filed, making calls (which had to be documented in files) and answering emails (which had to be printed out so that they could be placed in files) at around 7:30 this morning. My butt was numb at high noon and rigor mortis of the buttocks had set in by 6:30pm.

I did take time out to watch my beloved Ugly Betty and my guilty pleasure, Grey's Anatomy but when I went downstairs to check my email the stack of papers had grown to the ceiling.... it just might be my imagination but I could have sworn I saw it pulsating.... and when I turned my back to the mass I saw a shadow on the wall and felt something breathing on my neck....

nah...couldn't be...could it?

Tomorrow I will spend the day filing papers (or torching my office... kinda' depends on my mood) and I hope to find the full sized desk, tables, laser printer, PC and laptop..... and my dog.... that I know are in here.... somewhere....

The good news is that my summer break is about to start which means I can devote myself full time to being snarky and catty...after all it is my gift to the world, LOL


  1. Its kinda like the dirty laundry multiplies when you put the lid on the laundry basket and its in the dark...I'm thinking maybe you need to leave the light on! That might help your dog find his way out too!

  2. I can so relate - my work and home life are both "drowning" in papers -- I work for an eductational company and all I do is track papers and enter items in the system and track those too onpaper

    and home, forget it - the constant influx of junk mail etc is sometimes to much to bare

    plus I'm married to a teacher (his papers are every where) have a daughter in middle school (her homework and projects are every where)

    I feel the need to plant trees just to make up for all the wasted paper that comes across my desk and in to my house

    Perhaps I'll get motivated this weekend to tackle a few piles or just start a small bonfire hehehe

  3. Argh......now I'm feeling guilty for not attending to the reams of paperwork piled on my desk, the floor, the dining room table, lol.

    Btw, I LOVE Ugly Betty, and Grey's also. :)

    Thanks for the laugh, and I suppose I should get to work on MY paperwork now. NOT. :)