Bad Dream or Did I Really Wear That Last Night?

Poor Catatonic Katie.... last night when Tiny Tom told her they were going to the Met, she misunderstood and thought he said he was taking her to watch the she dressed in their team colors:

I mean how else can you explain the bright orange gown and neon BLUE shoes she wore to the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" Costume Institute Gala at the Met?

Holy Carp Batman...

Rumor has it that the International Crack Whore Society is about to kick Amy Winehouse out for behavior that embarrasses even them:

Amy Winehouse Loses “Bond” Gig

Written by: Ivana Cheong

It’s been reported that Amy Winehouse has stopped working on a demo for the theme song of the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

This is perhaps because of the recent assault scandal in which Amy Winehouse has been involved. Her producer, Mark Ronson, says that they’ve been working on it, but due to her “recent erratic behavior,” this “Rehab” singer may have lost the job.

Winehouse’s rep says that that’s not the case; rather, the problem is directly between Ronson and Winehouse: clashing ideas of how the song should be. “She has always made her own decisions about her music. Needless to say, this is part of the process between artist and producer and we're sure they will continue to make great music together,” the rep added.

While this may certainly be true, Ronson told the press, referring back to Winehouse’s latest media attention: “I’m not sure she’s ready to work on music yet.”

The pictures above were taken this weekend. Yes, Amy thinks that wearing a tattered bra to a backyard barbecue is great fashion. Between the emaciated arms, bloated belly, the bald patch on the back of her head and whatever the frig that is on her forehead Amy looks like death warmed over (barely) This picture just makes me itch all over.... yich... Amy is circling the drain in the dead pool and unless drastic measures are taken will not live to enjoy this summer.

After two fugs in a row we need some beauty for proper yin yang... and they don't come much prettier, both inside and out, than Vanessa Williams.

Here comes the graduate!

Nearly 25 years after leaving Syracuse University, Vanessa Williams will get her bachelor of fine arts degree this weekend.

The 45-year-old actress-singer, who stars in ABC's "Ugly Betty," will also deliver the convocation address Saturday to graduates of Syracuse's College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Williams attended Syracuse's drama department as a musical theater major from 1981-1983. She earned the remaining credits for her degree through industry experience and performances on stage and screen.

In 1983, Williams became the first black Miss America. She surrendered the title in July 1984 after Penthouse magazine published nude, sexually explicit photographs of her taken several years earlier.

Over her career, Williams has sold more than 4 million albums, won critical praise for her performances on Broadway, made dozens of TV appearances and starred in several movies.

She has won a Tony, received two NAACP Image Awards and nine Grammy nominations.

In 1996, Williams received the George Arents Pioneer Medal, the university's most prestigious alumni award.


  1. Yes you were right about Katie a foil dress and blue shoes not quite the and poor Amy she was in court again today on drugs charges, she's so talented but it's like watching a car crash.
    Cool post.

  2. Is Tom Cruise the only one who doesn't notice that his wife always looks like she'll rip your lungs out the moments you turn your back on her?

  3. Hi cayasm, I almost, but not quite, feel guilty about snarking about Amy because you just know this is not going to have a happy ending. At least Britwreck's daddy was able to step in ...and I have to admit she is looking amazing lately. I wish the British courts could do the same thing the US courts did to Britney.
    Hey, thanks for stopping by again!!

  4. Hi feefifoto...I think Tom is too busy gazing into Will Smith's eyes to notice anything else, LOL. Thanks for stopping by and drinking an espresso with the Diva!

  5. As've made my day. I thought I'd leave you at least that comment since I've been off the radar for a while.

    As for Vanessa're right...they don't come any prettier than that (that is OF COURSE not including the Disco Diva, herself) :-)