Karma Class 101

The Aging Dico Diva adores Ellen Degeneres. She is one of my favorite comics and talk show hosts. Ellen has a joy of life thing going and she also tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve (much like moi) She is one of those people that you would like to be friends with.... and it has nothing to do with her celebrity status (in fact you would like to be a friend despite her fame) You just want all kinds of great things to happen for her...and it does appear that karma is returning the good vibes she gives.

Yesterday Ellen announced on her show that she was getting married to her life partner Portia de Rossi. Here is the clip from her show, and you can see Portia fighting back the tears too:

Here is a clip from one of Ellen's great stand up performances:

Karma at work again?

Anne Heche is nuttier than a fruit cake and appears to be someone whose life philosophy is "Take care of numero uno and the hell with the carnage I leave in the wake"

If you are not familiar with Ms Heche let me give you a Cliff-notes version of her life:

1. Dated Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac--it is rumored she was the not very flattering inspiration for his song "Come"

2. Dated Steve Martin for a couple of years--it is rumored that she was the not very flattering inspiration for the character he created for the movie Bowfinger named "Daisy"

Sunday Times (London)
October 24, 1999, Sunday
Gag gives comic Martin the last laugh
Christopher Goodwin

STEVE MARTIN has never talked openly about the public humiliation and private anguish he felt when his lover, the actress Anne Heche, dumped him for Ellen DeGeneres, Hollywood's best-known lesbian, in 1997. But Tinseltown insiders claim that, as writer and star of his latest box office hit, Bowfinger, the comedian has wreaked revenge on the woman who broke his heart.

Friends say the taciturn Martin, 54, felt he had been used by Heche, who is half his age, and even suggested she had never loved him. Heche walked off with DeGeneres after meeting her at a post-Oscar party.

Nora Ephron, the writer and close friend of Martin, said he was "just a great giant open gaping wound" following Heche's departure. The comedian himself has admitted that the subsequent years have not been peaceful.

In the new film, Martin plays Bobby Bowfinger, a small-time Hollywood director. In one last, desperate attempt to make a success of his career, he decides to make a ludicrous sci-fi movie called Chubby Rain, about aliens who infiltrate Earth by hiding inside raindrops.

The female lead is a young actress called Daisy, played by the wide-eyed Heather Graham, who arrives in Hollywood just off the bus from Ohio. Can it be a coincidence that Anne Heche was born in Aurora, Ohio?

Daisy turns up for an audition in Bowfinger's office asking: "Is this where I go to be a star?"

Once she's seduced him into expanding her part in the film, she moves on, turning up at the film's premiere with a woman she introduces as "one of Hollywood's most influential lesbians".

3. Heche started a relationship with Ellen Degeneres in 1997. She decided that she was no longer gay and left Ellen for a cameraman who was filming Ellen's comedy special in 2000. She was hospitalized one day later after wandering around Fresno, California and calling herself Celestia.... and looking for her spaceship. Anne later claimed that being mentally unstable is why she entered into a gay relationship.

4. Anne married the cameraman in 2001 and had a child in 2002. Her husband put his career on hold to be a stay-at-home dad for their son Homer so that she could pursue her career.

5. In 2001 she wrote her biography "Call Me Crazy"

Mother not pleased

According to the [London] Sunday Times, Anne Heche's mother has asked her daughter’s former partner, Ellen DeGeneres, amongst others, to challenge her daughter's new autobiography, Call Me Crazy.

In her confessional memoirs, Heche accuses her late father of repeated sexual abuse while her mother did nothing although she was aware. She also accuses her mother of trying to take her ex-lover, comedian Steve Martin as well as trying to brainwash her and her sisters with anti-semitic views.

Heche also claims that she was infected with herpes by her father who also led a secret homosexual life and was an early victim of AIDS in 1983.

Anne’s mother, Nancy rejected the claims, saying she could "find no place for myself in the lies and blasphemies of this book". She and her other daughters, Susan and Abigail are now fighting to have certain sections of the book removed before the book's publication in the United Kingdom next month.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, DeGeneres said that she would not read her former girlfriends book where Anne wrote that she realized she was “not a lesbian” and was “just crazy.”

“What I don't mind saying is, it was the first time I ever had my heart broken,” DeGeneres said. “I'd always been the one to leave relationships ... and it was the one time I really believed this is forever.”

5. In 2007 she left the cameraman for her television show costar, James Tupper.

Actress Anne Heche has separated from her husband of five years, Coleman Laffoon, to be with her Men in Trees costar James Tupper, according to media reports. Heche, 37, wed movie cameraman Tupper in 2001--a year after ending her long-term relationship with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Her publicist Lisa Kasteler says, "They have requested that they be allowed their privacy at this time."

Kasteler refused to comment on her client's love life any further, but a spokesperson for Tupper confirms he split from his wife in November (two months ago) Heche and Tupper are currently shooting Men in Trees together in Vancouver, Canada. She plays a New York author, while he plays a rugged Alaskan ranger

6. In a nasty custody battle she claimed that her ex husband had been spending his days playing ping-pong, playing poker once a week with the boys and watching nookie movies while he was home alone. The judge awarded sole custody of Homer to the cameraman.

Yup, nuttier than a....

Well during the week when Ellen is joyously sharing her news, we get news that Anne is hitting a rough patch...

Earlier this month, ABC canceled Men in Trees and now, Anne Heche says she can no longer afford the nearly $15,000 US child and spousal support she's required to pay every month, reports E! News.

Superior Court Judge Gail Ruderman Feuer gave the actress a break, saying she didn't have to pay her July support payment; however, Heche has been ordered to provide updated income and expense information to the court.

In a court declaration, Anne Heche declared that her residuals from previous acting work are "nominal" and "offset by recurring business expenses that must be paid whether or not I'm working." Her finances include $14,798 in monthly support, private school tuition for her 6-year-old son, the mortgage on her house in Canada (where her canceled show was filmed), rent on her LA home and car expenses.


  1. Oh my goodness. You don't mess with Karma, baby. I love Karma. Such a great story. Gives me a great big grin in my nether regions.

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    Oh yes, the Diva feeds Ms. Karma with happy thoughts, good deeds and plenty of Godiva chocolate because Karma has been berry, berry good to me, LOL. Seriously though, you just knew that all those bad vibes little Miss Fruitcake was emanating was going to have to start attracting some nasty stuff and it has. Hey, thanks for stopping by :)

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  4. Diva-

    Earl would tell Anne about the dangers of messing with karma [too bad he's a fictional character, while Ms. Heche is living a fictional life, the kind a bad b-movie writer would KILL to have come up with(If I didn't respect Susan Lucci so much, she be perfect to play the lead in the movie. She has the class that Anne Heche would KILL to have)]. A great piece of research, Ms. D

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  6. I've always liked Ellen and watch her show as often as possible. Anne Heche makes me gag!!!!

  7. I always knew Heche was a crazy bitch. You can just see it in her eyes!