She's @#$% Obama!

Hillary's $*&^ing Obama!

If you've seen the Sarah Silverman video "I'm f**king Matt Damon!" you will find this humorous:

The man is just damn nasty....

Bobby Brown is claiming in his new autobiography that he never used cocaine until after he met ex-wife Whitney Houston, suggesting the singer drove him into his drug addiction. In the promotional materials for the book Brown also claims to have dated singer Madonna and "scored" with Janet Jackson, and slept with "thousands of women." "I've always been known to be a pretty good lover. The word on the street is that I’m well-endowed, if that means anything. Does it, ladies?" he is reportedly quoted as saying in the book.

Excuse me while I projectile vomit.....Oh my friggin gawd...we now have the black version of Gene Simmons, fug-mug and all....two losers who consider themselves to be the McDonald's of ugly men everyone.....bumping uglies with billions of women.

And yeah Bobby, I can totally buy that Whitney slammed your arse to the ground and jammed that coke spoon up your nose...and you fought and fought but she was sooooo much stronger than you...after all you had a spotless reputation before big bad Whitney corrupted your virginal soul.

"I think we got married for all the wrong reasons. Now, I realize Whitney had a different agenda than I did when we got married... I believe her agenda was to clean up her image, while mine was to be loved and have children."

He said Houston had been under pressure to get married and have children after she was accused in the media of having a bisexual relationship with Robin Crawford, her assistant.

Brown, 39, admitted he was unfaithful to Houston during the marriage, adding: "I'm only human so I would make the mistake and bite the hook sometimes".

Gee Bobby I hope you stepped outta the way before throwing your ex under the bus like that. I am sure the fact that she left you and is trying to clean herself up has nothing to to do with what you wrote...and that you are just saying this out of the goodness of your pure little heart.

Dancing With The Stars Update

Dancing with the Stars provided the Diva her belly laugh of the week when one of the judges complimented Priscilla Presley on her facial Mount Rushmore is more animated.

The viewers pulled a Jack Kevorkian and mercifully pulled the plug on Adam Carola....thank heavens...

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  1. Hilary F****g Obama is F****g hilarious!! I love it!!

    Oh and nobody pays attention to Bobby Brown anymore...between the crack and cognac binges it's a wonder the man can remember his own name.

    He just makes good celebrity gossip fodder.

  2. Hi teasa! I can't get that dang song out of my head "I'm f*** Obama, I'm f*** O"bama!" it took several days and plenty of champagne to get the "I'm f**** Matt Damon" song to stop playing in my brain....time to head to the liquor store ;)

    Bobby Brown is a clown (gosh, I guess I am a poet, and didn't know it, LOL) Whitney was breathtakingly gorgeous and had a voice to die for...and then she married him...and the photos tell the story. I just hope she stays clean. If she wants to play for the "same team" then so be it because if trying to be something she wasn't caused her to take such a death spiral physically and emotionally then that gal needs to get outta the closet (if what he said is true) Thanks for stopping by!