Wow, Harry you've turned into a right sexy wee bass-tarde. Do you know that?

May Mackenzie: Wow, you've turned into a right sexy wee bastard. Do you know that?
Tony Giardino: Thanks, Mrs. Mackenzie.
May Mackenzie: Hasn't he?
Charlie Mackenzie: Oh, I think so.

Damn....Little Harry Potter is all grown up and causing muggles everywhere to think impure thoughts. While I am a "Snape" gal (Alan Rickman can whisper Defense Against the Dark Arts incantations in my ear all day and night...shiver....his voice makes me melt....shiver....) Daniel Radcliffe is turning into a real hottie. He will be appearing (au naturel) this fall on Broadway:


Harry Potter and the Naked Stable Boy? The world may have watched Daniel Radcliffe grow up in public in five movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling's phenom-fiction about the boy wizard. But the actor, now 18, makes his Broadway debut as the disturbed, eroticized horse-groom in "Equus," which begins previews Sept. 5 and runs Sept. 25-Feb. 8 at the Broadhurst Theatre.

This will be the first Broadway revival of Peter Shaffer's Tony Award-winning drama since it ran from 1974-77. Radcliffe amassed fine reviews and countless hysterical pubescent audiences when he starred in this production in London last year. Richard Griffith, who won 2006 Tony and Olivier awards for his performance as the eccentric teacher in "The History Boys," co-stars as the psychiatrist who confronts his own doubts while treating the stable boy.

Shaffer based his 1973 fiction on a crime involving Alan Strang, a teen who blinded six horses in a town outside of London. The playwright imagined a boy who created his own religion around the horses and the supreme godhead, Equus. When Alan has a sexual awakening with a local shopkeeper in a stable stall, he blinds the animals because they saw his soul.

Anthony Hopkins, then Anthony Perkins, Richard Burton, Leonard Nimoy and Alec McCowen played the psychiatrist during the long Broadway run. Peter Firth, then Tom Hulce played Alan. Burton and Firth starred in the 1977 film, directed by Sidney Lumet.

Yowzer... The Diva predicts that this will be one hot ticket this fall.

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