Just How Badly Must This Movie Suck??

It is a sure sign that a movie is going straight to Razzie territory (or the sheyat can) when the release date keeps getting pushed back. Originally slated to hit the big screen in June 2008 "Valkyrie" was pushed back to October 2008....and then again to February 2009. Geez, a movie starring Tiny Tom about Nazi Germany sounds like a huge box office gold. I mean really.... who can't wait to pay good money to listen to Mr. Box Office Poison affect a German accent?

I betcha never thought you'd never see "Disco" and "Hitler" together in a music video...damn, the Diva loves Mel Brooks!!:

Is That The Sound of Flushing I hear?

Tom Cruise's mission to return to the big screen is beginning to seem impossible.

For the second time, MGM and United Artists have pushed back the release date of the WWII epic Valkyrie, a film that has been plagued by an inordinate number of problems over the course of its production. The thriller's new release date, Feb. 13, 2009, falls a full eight months after it was originally scheduled to hit theaters. In December, the studios postponed the film from June 27 to Oct. 3 to allow director Bryan Singer additional time to shoot a key battle sequence. Had it premiered on its original July 4 holiday weekend berth it would have competed with the Angelina Jolie thriller "Wanted."

Producers have offered no such explanations for the delay this time around, instead chalking up the pushed-back date, usually a red flag, to a tactical move designed to make the most of the movie's opening weekend, which now falls on the Presidents Day holiday.

"MGM is proud and excited to be presenting Valkyrie, and because of that we want to give it the best launch possible," Clark Woods, MGM's domestic distribution president, said.

"When an opening became available for Presidents Day weekend, we seized the opportunity. Having seen a lot of the film and how great it is going to play once it's finished, moving into a big holiday weekend is the right move."

According to BoxOfficeMojo.com, Valkyrie will now face off against potential heavy-hitters Confessions of a Shopaholic, Pink Panther 2, The Wolfman and, apropos of the date, the anticipated Michael Bay remake of Friday the 13th.

In the film, Cruise affects a German accent and a historically accurate eye patch to play Claus von Stauffenberg, a Nazi colonel who plotted the only known assassination attempt—an obviously unsuccessful one—against Adolf Hitler.

The delay is just the latest bit of bad luck to hit the production since filming kicked off in Germany last summer.

Shortly after the project began, some of the more vocal members of the von Stauffenberg family publicly called out the casting of Cruise, claiming he lacked the requisite gravitas. Before their protests had a chance to quiet down, German officials piped up, refusing to grant filmmakers permission to shoot at a memorial site that was to house a pivotal scene in the movie.

Following that hiccup, Germany's defense minister complained about Cruise's ties to Scientology, which has been labeled a cult by the German government.

To top it all off, nighttime footage shot last summer was irreversibly damaged last year after being developed with the wrong chemicals, necessitating costly reshoots.

The movie is being produced by MGM's United Artists banner, which Cruise runs with business partner Paula Wagner. UA's debut release under the new regime, the Cruise vehicle "Lions for Lambs," bombed at the box office last November.

I suspect that outside of the Children Of Xenu, not many other people are interested in watching anything starring Tom Cruise anymore. When all you can think of while watching an actor on the screen is "Geez, What a friggin wackadoo" no matter what the role, or how well or badly he/she is acting it is time to stick a fork in 'em....they are finished artistically.

On the other hand....am I the only one who finds delicious irony in the fact that DMTC's (d=deranged m=midget...well you can figure out the rest) latest flick will be going up against a movie called "Confessions of a Shopaholic"?

Money Can't Buy Me Love...

Katie Holmes uses Tom Cruise’s private jet to for monthly shopping sprees in Paris, a report claims.

The former Dawson’s Creek star spends $200,000 each month on the round-trip from Los Angeles to the French capital, where she indulges her rumored addiction to shopping.

According to recent reports, Katie Holmes reportedly spent $100,000 during a one day Christmas shopping spree in a department store last December. IN TOUCH WEEKLY reports that Katie, 29, spent more than $70,000 just on her husband, Tom Cruise, 45, including a $30,000 rose-gold Cartier wristwatch. “She’s rich now, so money was really no object and Katie never once looked at a price tag,” says an insider. In addition to the expensive watch, Katie bought Tom a black Giorgio Armani suit for $5,400, Gucci snakeskin sneakers for $990, a Prada ski coat for $1,395 and four pairs of Barker Black handmade English shoes at $825 each. Afterward, Katie hit the Loro Piana department and loaded up on everything cashmere, including a $9,000 overcoat, a $2,995 car coat, a $4,495 leather and cashmere jacket and six V-neck sweaters in various colors at $1,350 each. Tom wasn’t the only one on her list: Katie also dropped nearly $5,000 on dresses and clothes for her 20-month-old daughter, Suri. “Katie looked so happy,” shopper Michele Gargani reveals to In Touch. “She was definitely in the Christmas spirit.” “Katie is one of the biggest spenders at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills,” says an insider.

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  1. It all started to go downhill for Tom after the couch jump
    Poor guy

  2. tried to submit this to digg but just won't go.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was stop cruise-sifying me with bad acting :-)

    There's more to acting than just toothy smiles :-)

  3. Hi msdee, yes---had DMTC kept his feet on the ground and his mouth shut he could have gone the John Travolta route...we know both men share some ...um ... unusual beliefs .... but John doesn't constantly project that "the mothership is coming to take me home" aura and hence is a lot more palatable. Thanks for stopping by again!

  4. Hi lotus flower--- that is a terrible pun-- only a twisted soul could come up with something so horrible ... I am highly amused .... grab a filled champagne glass and some Godiva Chocolates from one of my flying monkeys and come sit down here on my right hand side.

    The Diva is a big fan of men with toothy smiles and questionable acting ability (cough, cough, Matthew McConaughey, cough, cough) but Tiny Tom's bizarro sheyat has negated any eye candy appeal he might once have had.

    Thanks for stopping by and making me smile!

  5. Dropping by via Entrecard and got stuck - girl, you got me rollin' over here. Love your blog!

  6. Hi Dette!

    Roll, roll, roll in za hay, LOL (Young Frankenstein)

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words...and of course a big thanks to Little Tommy without whom I would be scrambling for ideas ;)