Harpy Heather's Livin' in Da State of Denial

OMFG. OMFG. OMFG. I had to say it three times. Heather Mills just brings out the ugliest thoughts and emotions from the Diva. Seriously... I have the irresistible urge to rip her leg off and beat her with it... no, not that leg---the one she was born with. She makes Leona Helmsley look like Mother Teresa. She is so universally loathed by people around the world, including her own family, that I think we would be hard pressed to find a single soul who would pee on her head if her hair were on fire. What is so mind boggling is that she seems shocked--- every damn time--- when confronted by this negative world opinion.

Scene from Ruthless People:
Carol: Either the chief is a complete moron and complete morons are rare...
[she looks up at Earl Mott, a "complete moron"]
Carol: Or he's playing games with me!

So either she is a complete moron, and complete morons are rare... or:

Heather Mills had to endure boos as a judge on the Miss USA pageant yesterday.

As the former model was introduced to the audience at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, some audience members jeered, causing Mills to raise her eyebrows in surprise.

Mills had said she helped judge the beauty contest - broadcast on live TV - for the “charity aspect” after being invited by organizer Donald Trump.

She said, “I did one of these competitions, a long, long time ago. And it's a lot of work, people don't understand they look for this and work for this for years and years and years.

"Really, really difficult job this, but 20 times harder to walk out there and be brave enough."

Ok, here is a suggestion: Crawl into a damn hole, pull the dirt over yourself and go away. Then you would not have to be "brave enough." You would not have to be shocked, time and time again, when people share with you the fact that they think you are a social pariah.


Heather Mills taunted Sir Paul McCartney for dating a string of women in yet another TV rant.

Heather Mills yesterday launched a new attack on Sir Paul McCartney - accusing her ex-husband of having three romances on the go.

In a live TV interview, Mills declared: "I think he has three different girlfriends. I wish all the girls the best of luck. Better them than me."

Macca, 65, was recently pictured on holiday in the Caribbean with US heiress Nancy Shevell. He has also been linked to actress Rosanna Arquette and former Olympic horsewoman Tanya Larrigan.

In her first interview since winning a $52 million divorce settlement from the ex-Beatle, Mills vowed to continue her legal fight to get full transcripts of her divorce hearing made public.

She said: "We'll get there in the end. The truth always outs."

She described the divorce case as a "David versus Goliath" battle, where she was "fighting the Establishment".

She went on to boast about pouring water over the head of Macca's lawyer Fiona Shackleton at the end of the High Court case.

Mills claimed that she had done it to "cleanse and baptise" her.

Speaking from Las Vegas, where she is a judge in the Miss USA beauty contest, she said: "Mrs Shackleton said something under her breath so I cleansed and baptized her. I thought she looked fantastic.

"I thought it did her the world of good and now I've been offered lots of jobs for creating looks for women of her age, with these kind of hairdos. So I have no regrets." Mills also told GMTV that she had no regrets about representing herself during the divorce case, despite Judge Bennett accusing her of being a "less than candid" witness, living in a land of "make-believe".

She then accused the judge - one of Britain's most respected - of being "one-sided" in his damning judgment, which left her reputation in tatters.

Mills said: "I can't talk about anything other than the judgment, but the only two things he said was 'explosive' and 'volatile'.

"I was never once explosive and volatile and he was actually referring to my appearance on your program so that's the bit that he meant but he didn't actually expand on that.

"And the other thing he said was 'make believe' because I'd said we lived together before we were married.

"Most people know we lived together before we married and what he should have said is 'I don't believe that'."

Mills admitted: "People love me or hate me." And she blamed the negative media attention on the fact that she "upset the applecart" with her campaigns for "truthful journalism and the land mine treaty and the dog and cat fur campaign".

On her website, Mills says she signed up as a judge for the Miss USA contest because of its "charitable aspects".

OMFG...there, I said it again. She is forkin' delusional...

  • She was respected for “fighting the Establishment”???? Holy crap, she has been listening to "Revolution #9" too many times. Mucca has no friggin' clue what the "establishment" is but she is fighting it eh? In her forkin' dreams maybe. She has consistently come across as a money grabbing, immature harpy who suffers from a really serious case of diarrhea of the mouth. "STFU" is obviously a foreign concept to this wackjob.
  • Mills admitted: "People love me or hate me." Not really sweetie. we hate you. end of discussion. we. hate. you. totally. hate. you. really. not kidding. hate. no love. hate. really.
  • "I was never once explosive and volatile..." technically that would be correct, you psycho harpy from hell ... it was not once ... it has been dozens of times on t.v. alone.
  • She blamed the negative media attention on the fact that she "upset the applecart" with her campaigns for "truthful journalism and the land mine treaty and the dog and cat fur campaign". Ummm... the Diva has never met a land mine she liked and has more critters in her home than a small zoo...so we can eliminate those reasons. Why do I hate Heather Mills? Let me count the ways: 1) her personality 2) her personality 3) her personality 4) her personality 5) her personality... and last, but certainly not least... 6) her personality

Heather Mills....She's So Funny

This is a clip from a British late night show, and the host is a riot! "No offense Heather, but my two year old daughter has more dignity than you, and she sheyats her own pants and doesn't even care"

If you know the name of this man, or the show he is on, let me know so that I can give him the proper credit and homage he deserves!

UPDATE!!! Thank you Kath ( insertgoodname) for letting me know that this is Marcus Brigstocke from "The Late Edition Live" Her blog is not only new to me... it is relatively new to the Internet (started in March) so head over and check it out.

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  1. Hey!
    It's Kath from insertgoodname! Thanks for the comment, and breaking my blogroll virginity! :) And, your blog is seriously funny! (So I of course will be returning the linky lovin!)

    And, I'm British, so I can reliably inform you that that is Marcus Brigstocke from The Late Edition Live. I love that show so much :)

    Toodles for now :)

  2. Thanks Kath! I can now pay my proper respects to Mr. Brigstocke; not only was his material funny, his delivery in this clip was hysterical. I guess the benefits of being able to watch "The Late Edition Live" are more than offset by having to live in the same country as the Dread Pirate Heather Mills. My condolences.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. This is all well and good, but Diva, why don't you just come out and say how you REALLY feel about Ms. Mills? [and Heather, if you do check out what people are saying about you (you seem the type), it all comes down to this: you got the money, so take it, and, if I may directly quote Her Divaness, STFU! But that's just me...]

  4. Hi Mike! Yes, I do have a real problem expressing myself. I need to learn to just let it all out. LOL. Oh, I bet Dread Pirate Heather spends hours googling herself, don't you? Hey Heather, I have one word for your relocation plans: Afghanistan... Thanks for dropping by again Mike!!