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Senior is in the air

The Aging Disco Diva has never hidden the fact that she thinks Clent Stewart is an awesome kid (Yes, I am an old lady, so I can call him a kid) who not only is a very good basketball player, a fantastic student and a wonderful representative of all that is great about Kansas State University, he is an amazing young man who has had a lot of adversity in his life that he has handled with dignity and class. Last night was senior night and traditionally the seniors give their mother's roses and a hug before tip-off. Vanessa Stewart, his mom, passed away last month but was smiling last night as Clent's girlfriend Stephanie stepped in to receive the roses...and a little something extra:

Wildcat Women's basketball news

The woman play tonight---time to pluck those chickenhawks ladies, and grab that Big 12 regular season title.

No 19 Kansas State will look to capture at least a share of its second Big 12 regular season title on Wednesday night, as the Wildcats close out the regular season at 7 p.m., in Lawrence, Kan., against Kansas. The Wildcats moved back into a tie for first place in the Big 12 following a 72-53 loss by Baylor at Texas A&M and K-State’s 81-52 win over Missouri on March 1.

The Wildcats won the first meeting with the Jayhawks this season in Manhattan, 64-58, and took a 54-41 advantage in the series’ history. Kansas holds a 23-22 edge all-time in games played in Lawrence, but K-State has won five of the last six matchups.

Wednesday’s contest can be seen live in the Kansas City-area on Metro Sports and throughout the nation on Calling the action will be Nate Bukaty and Patti Phillips providing the color analysis. The Wildcats have enjoyed the television spotlight this season, recording a 7-2 mark in games broadcast on television and a 4-1 record in televised road games.

The game can also be heard live on the K-State Sports Network at 1350 KMAN, with the award-winning Brian Smoller providing the play-by-play and former Wildcat Missy Heidrick providing the color analysis.

Today's Gossip tidbits

No matter how hated you are, you can always count on your parent's scratch that if you are the Dread Pirate Heather. Sheyat...she is so universally loathed even her dear old dad is taking potshots:

Heather Mill's father has attacked her decision to drag her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney through the courts, accusing her of being "greedy".

A judge is due to return a decision on 17 March (08) on what settlement Mills will receive, two years after their four-year marriage ended in 2006. But Mark Mills claims his 40-year-old daughter should have settled months ago after the former Beatle made his first big money offer.He says:

"He's offered her multi-millions. She should take that and stop what she's doing. It's plenty. She's being greedy. How much does she need?"

Why daddy dearest...SHE WANTS IT ALL and SHE WANTS IT NOW! I can only hope that Poppa Mills sold her out to the tabloids and is making some money on the gold digger he spawned. That is Karma with a capital "K" Here is a little known clip of Heather as a child singing her theme song:

What you didn't see is the Aging Disco Diva turning the furnace on high just before the incubus slid down the chute...

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  1. You've got me rolling with the Veruca Salt bit! Now where was I??? Oh yes, I pass and award on to don't have to do anything but enjoy it!

  2. WooHoo! This was so unexpected (as I whip out a speech I prepared years ago) I would like to thank my minions and flying monkeys--thank you guys--I would not have won this award without your slavish attentions. I would also like to thank my husband, Mr. Aging Disco Diva, for fighting the urge to have me committed, and of course I would like to thank W.H. Carothers, the inventor of polyester, without whom we would not have had the disco 70s. I also..... (music that had started out softly in the background is now blasting out from a amplifier cranked to "11" and a large butterfly net drops down on the diva and she is dragged, kicking and screaming, from the award podium.)