A Follow Up To "And Now For The Rest of the Story"

Not only does the Aging Disco Diva have minions and flying monkeys to do her bidding, she has wonderful blog readers who are awesome enough to take the time to share information of interest. I received a comment from an anonymous commenter who steered me to finding a short video clip of the bizarre incident at the Wichita Airport.... upon closer viewing of the video (taken by someone inside the terminal) I think that this is NOT Sacha Cohen, but some kind of "wanna be".... whatchathink Willis??? Those of you who are fans of Borat/Bruno does this look like Sacha? And please note how "outraged" and "terrorized" everyone in the airport lounge was.... I saw more outrage when a local bartender tried to make a last call for booze before the state mandated 2am shutdown.

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