And Now For The Rest of The Story....

And Now For The Rest of The Story.....

British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN has sparked outrage in Kansas - by stripping down to a pair of hotpants and terrorising locals. The actor is currently filming his latest movie Bruno - a mockumentary about a homosexual Austrian TV presenter - and gathering footage of his interaction with locals. But the oddball character's outrageous dress sense has not gone down too well with respectable Kansans and local newspapers have reported that a "European man" was "putting security on red alert" by "stripping down to tight shorts and dancing in the lobby of Wichita Airport". And the high jinx hasn't ended there - Cohen and his crew are reported to have disrupted an Easter play at a Kansas church by turning up in "chains". A spokesperson for the actor declined to comment on reports.

It kind of royally pisses the Diva off when lazy media types will twist a story to fit their preconceived notions/stereotypes of an area. I watched the original news reports when this incident happened a couple of weeks ago and feel the need to set some things straight.

Kansans are not all that conservative and "respectable" (after all the Aging Disco Diva is a New Yorker by birth, but Kansan by choice) Kansans have wicked senses of humor and love to poke fun at themselves (though we all agree that it is even better to make fun of the Mizzerians, Chokelahomans and Weedhuskers living in the states that surround us) Low brow crap like Cohen does is thought of as comic genius out here (The Diva's three grown children consider Chris Farley, Will Farrel and Sacha Cohen as the trinity of classical humor)

The Aging Disco Diva has a decidedly twisted sense of humor...still I think Sacha is as funny as a puss filled arse boil, but to each his/her own.

If you read the article you will see that there was no state wide "outrage" and we were never on "red alert" (good gawd, what a joke)

Film 'inappropriate' for airport

The Wichita Eagle

Airport officials thought they were doing a film crew a favor by letting them film a "European man" visiting America. But when the crew stripped down to their tight short shorts and began dancing in the lobby of Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport, the terminal crew knew they had been duped.

Brad Christopher, assistant director of airport operations, said airport police couldn't find anything illegal about it. But, he said, airport officials are re-writing their policies regarding commercial filming at the airport to prevent pranks in the future. That won't affect travelers and their families who are shooting video of family members arriving or local media filming for stories, Christopher said.

Here's how the prank unfolded, according to Christopher:

The film crew came to the airport March 18, met with officials, signed a contract agreeing to pay the airport $1,050 to film there and started some normal filming. They were accompanied by an airport security guard. "They did have permission," airport director Victor White said. "But once they started the actual filming is when they pulled what I like to call a Borat-style stunt."

"Borat" was a 2006 film that looks like a documentary in which actor Sacha Baron Cohen plays a TV reporter from Kazakhstan reporting on American culture. Christopher said the film crew tossed off their coats and did some "kissing" and "fighting" in the hallway leading to the security area at the airport. The security officer called his chief. His chief watched the live security surveillance and reported that no laws were being broken.

"At that point, we didn't feel like we had any law enforcement issues," said Christopher, who was dealing with the situation that day.

But it was "inappropriate," he said. Christopher asked the crew to leave, and the crew left peacefully. "We felt like we were deceived, lied to about the intent and what their true intents and plans were for this film," Christopher said. He said several other locations in Wichita were also targeted. But, he noted, the airport is a public building and officials try to accommodate film crews. It won't be so easy once the new commercial film policy is in place, Christopher said.

"We got burned once, but we're not going to get burned again."

I saw the video caught by the airport security cameras....I would have defied anyone to recognize the moron who stripped down to his Lycra encased manberries as being Sacha Baron Cohen. In any case, just not smart to pull this kind of stunt in an airport during a time when 90 year old ladies are body slammed for trying to bring a pair of knitting needles on board an airplane.

This film crew did not just turn up at a church, they had apparently broken in the night before (possibly to plant some props for the scene or to scout it out) We have had a spat of church desecrations so this of course freaked the local yokels. The pastor made some phone calls to several Hollywood studios to see if this was (again) some type of Borat prank and only became very alarmed when the studio the film crew claimed they were working for denied having knowledge of any filming being done on any movie or documentary in Kansas.

Attempting to disrupt an Easter Sunday Service?....Just Not Funny...

Several locations in Kansas were targeted last week by a film crew claiming to be making a film about culture in America. Their actions have people across the state wondering whether they've been part of a "Borat"-like prank.

Pastor Greg Smith of Central Community Church says they were contacted by the film crew and were told they were working on a film to be shown in Europe. Smith agreed to let them film the Easter play being performed at the church.

However, at some point, fellow Pastor Clint Dunn knew something was not right. In security camera footage from the church, you can see crew members making preparations to cover the security cameras before attempting to pull off their prank.

Smith says one of the crew members was dressed "biblically" and covered with chains. He believes they were going to disrupt the play going on inside the church at the time.

Dunn quickly took action to prevent that from happening. He locked the doors and abruptly told the audience good-bye.

The film crew also visited Mid-Continent Airport. Officials there are reviewing its media policies after the so-called German documentary film crew made a scene inside the main terminal on Friday.

"We were lied to," says Assistant Airport Director Brad Christopher. "We were duped."

Authorities say the film crew was not who they said they were. Last month, the group contacted Wichita airport officials about shooting part of their documentary on American culture at Mid-Continent. They arrived Friday and were shown around. Airport employees say they seemed professional.

That is, until the cameras came on and the clothes came off.

Witnesses say it almost looked like pornography. In the middle of the terminal, the film crew began stripping down. They were escorted out of the airport by police, and told to leave.

Wichita Police, along with the Attorney General, are investigating the prank. Airport officials say it wasn't necessarily illegal, but it was unethical and highly inappropriate for a public location where security is paramount.

The film crew says it works for Longman Parke Productions of Los Angeles. LP Productions says it has no crews in Wichita.

The crew also made its way to Topeka and contacted another church as well as our sister station, WIBW. One of the reporters there became suspicious after a member of the crew asked if she had seen the movie "Borat."

"Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" is a 2006 film staring comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who plays a fake journalist learning more about American culture, embarrassing himself for attention. A sequel is said to be in the works, leaving some to wonder if Wichita may make the big screen in coming months.

Hmmm....another film I will be sure to make a point to avoid (much like anything with Martin Short in it)

Friday's are Gratuitous Eva Mendes Day!!! (Canceled due to prude attack--see note below)

For all you Eva fans out is your fix for the week....


Well as you can see some prude was offended by the sight of a tiny bit of Eva's butt crack peaking through a pair of panties and turned it into Photobucket as being BAD BAD BAD. Personally, I think looking at Borat's neon lime green encased man package is a lot more offensive, but I am not in charge of these types of REALLY important crap... To the person who "turned me in" may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubs and compete with hungry cooties for real estate in your nether regions. But in keeping with positive thinking /happy thoughts: I sincerely hope you sleep well tonight knowing you saved the world from the corrupting sight of Eva Mendes's buttocks, LOL. I will now add a warning at the bottom of my blog--- If you are easily offended: Get thee the hell outta here!

--The Aging Disco Diva

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  1. If you go to You Tube and search for "Wichita Airport film crew" you can see a short video of some of the action that a passenger shot.

  2. Anonymous--- you are AWESOME! Thanks for the tip...I have just put an update up so that everyone can view the video you mentioned. Again, thank you and thanks for stopping by. The Diva owes you!!