Today in History, February 13th

Well, the Aging Disco Diva was a social studies teacher for many years (More than one student asked me if I remembered Abraham Lincoln....Yes, I do, he was the tall, rather goth looking kid sitting in the back of the one room schoolhouse I taught in. As you might have ascertained I believe in serving liberal doses of sarcasm....and for some reason middle school students just adored it)

Anyway.....I found this daily video series this morning and loved it. I will be posting it each morning so that if your boss catches you reading my blog you can tell him or her that you are just furthering your education...which in turn is making you an even more valuable asset to the company....and you will be in to visit about that pay raise later on this afternoon....

Today in History: February 13th

Bruno Richard Hauptmann convicted in the Lindbergh baby kidnap-murder; The World War II bombing of Dresden begins; Konstantin Chernenko becomes Soviet leader; Peter Gabriel born; Waylon Jennings dies.

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