Leftovers For Lunch Today

Nothing major today, just some bits and pieces from the weekend and some nicely warmed up leftovers from this past week.


Mike Huckabee proves that not only is he well aware of much he is ticking off the Republican power brokers, he is having a damn good time doing it. The Diva is not a Huckabee supporter, but he is an endearing little PIA... and anyone who enjoys thumbing their noses at the powers-that-be is A-OK in my book:

Hillary and Obama are such a cute couple aren't they? Kiss and make one day:

and a lover's spat the next:

Hillary, Barack and Bill...whatta' ménage à trois... Ole Dumbledore's escapade (Sir Michael Gambon/Lady Anne and Philippa Hart ) has nothing on this little trio--I wonder who gets to be the middle?


Too painful to repost, go read it yourself

For those who are gluttons for punishment, here is another article

Oh the pain, the pain of it all.

WTF? Michael Beasley scores 44 points last night, but we still managed to lose to Baylor---AND the women lost last night too. Crap on a stick--definitely not a good night for the Purple Nation... and the Aging Disco Diva does not want to talk about it...


The rehab clinics and psych wards all across America are empty today because tonight is the Oscar's and everyone in Hollywood and/or in the Biz will be making an appearance. The Aging Disco Diva is extremely pissed off at the USPS because again this year they have lost her invitation to the show and to the after-parties. I have my outfit and shoes ready to go too

I am using these fashion icons as my guide:

Sigh, I guess I will just have to get dressed up and watch the show at home. It will put me in a great frame of mind though to report on who wore what... and to wonder WTF they thinking when they put it on.

In other gossip news

These photos taken this weekend seem to verify that Angelina is indeed pregnant...or ate a pea. Hard to tell---when Lollipop Heads eat more than a tic-tac it causes a "bump" so she is either with child or ate a real meal. You decide:

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  1. Perhaps you could do a full runway show of all your awards show outfits. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see every one.

  2. I would, but every Diva knows that the golden rule is "Leave them wanting more!" and I am not sure how much polyester, Trevira, Lycra, Lurex, Spandex, rayon or gold lame fabulousness the world can handle at once. Thanks for visiting and perhaps next year you will see me on the red carpet with some barely legal boy toy as my escort!