The Cheesiest...

The Aging Disco Diva is bored. It is a really slow gossip new sex video scandals, Britney showed great restraint and flashed her naughty bits only once this week and the mother ship has not come back for Tiny Tom, Catatonic Kate and the Turkey Baster Baby.

Yea, J-Lo and Skeletor spawned two kids today (a boy and a girl) but celebrity twins are so passé, LOL

When I am bored, I tend to eat...but I am getting more than a bit zaftig and need to lay off the peanut butter, banana and caviar sandwiches. Dang it though--- I AM hungry and thinking about food... hmmmm cookies... hmmm crackers... hmmm crackers and cheese... hmmmm Cheeto's... hmmmm cheesy, crispy Cheeto's... no, no!!!... I need to watch the calories....

Thinking of Cheeto's naturally led me to think about 1980s music videos...because nothing says "Cheesy" like the 1980s. So the Aging Disco Diva has come up with what she thinks are the cheesiest of the cheesy 1980s music videos. Feel free to weigh in with your cheesiest list.

And though this came out in the 1990s it makes the list anyway...

Well, watching all these made me even hungrier... so it is time to crank up the exploding Pinto, pop in an 8 track, and head to the liquor... I mean... grocery store.

Oh, before I head off into the is Friday, which means it is "Gratuitous Eva Mendes" day and I must post this for CocoMonkey

Here you go CoCo--maybe this will take the sting out of our Wildcat's performance this past Wednesday:

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  1. I bought a Milli Vanilli double album after they were exposed as fakes. Once I realised it wasn't them I was prepared to give it a go and - I have to admit - I seem to recall there was one track that was quite good.

    And now for a gratuitous, sneaky plug for something I wrote along similar lines a couple of years ago now, ahem:

    Awful Music Videos

  2. The Diva is so impressed with your list (I encourage everyone to check it out) Impressed not only with the unbelievable rank cheesiest of your selections, but with the fact that you actually admitted to knowing those songs. It takes a man who is very secure in his musicology to do such a brave thing, LOL. Fun read, thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting.

  3. Great post ADD, and no objections on your musical selections (although there should probably be a New Kids on the Block video in there as well).

    That Ah Ha video made me remember this parody from the Family Guy.


  4. The New Kids on the Block actually HEAD my list, but my 29 yr old daughter would never speak to me again if I included them publicly...but we all KNOW that "Step by Step" they "Got it (The Right Stuff)" to be included, LOL