Frap Frenzy

A code red alert has been issued after news hit that Starbucks will be closed for three hours today. Papa Spears has made arrangements for emergency provisions and the mansion is stocked with plenty of frappuccinos for Britney. The Aging Disco Diva actually lives in a town that does not have a Starbucks (Yes, I am languishing in Java Hell) so she is glad to see the world will share her pain, if even for a few hours.

Everyone will have to do what I am forced to do: get a minion...I mean.... beloved employee, to do something called BREW A POT OF COFFEE. For the cost of a single fancy Starbucks cuppa I can buy the ingredients necessary to make enough coffee to last a week for a normal person....or half a morning for an Aging Disco Diva. Since my concoctions are 40 calories for the coffee+creamer+syrup+Splenda or 30 calories for a soy latte, I think it is best (for the sake of my ever expanding girth) that there are no Starbucks in this podunk town. Besides, I did try Starbucks twice and was very disappointed both times. In addition to being overpriced the brew was bitter--maybe I caught them both on a bad day but my flying monkeys make a much better cup of java.

Seriously Dude--- STFU, Story of the Day

It would be funny if it were not so unfunny....

Attorney John Eardley, who told The Associated Press he was the "only person who represents Britney Spears," filed documents in federal court asserting that she is being held by her father in a situation that violates her civil rights.Eardley took aim at James Spears in legal documents filed Friday.

"Mr. Spears has now moved into her house and has taken control of her financial assets, as well as her physical custody, all without the benefit of a hearing where Ms. Spears would be present," he said.

Eardley said that Spears has never been on good terms with her father and said he was "concerned for the emotional and physical safety of Britney under these circumstances."

In his motion, Eardley said Spears had "been in a form of private confinement for nearly a month. Certainly, at this point, it is likely that circumstances have changed and it is time that the conservatee be brought into court for a hearing, where the court can evaluate her in person and hear testimony directly from her."

The document suggests she be allowed to retain her own medical professionals to evaluate her condition.

"There are financial issues which involve the possible misappropriation of assets," Eardley said but did not elaborate. Asked when he last consulted with Britney Spears, Eardley said, "I talked to her a few days ago and someone wrestled the phone away from her. I've not talked to her since then."

OK...where to begin.... what part of being nuttier than a cashew roll, and therefor not able to make sound decisions nor retain legal counsel does this bat sheyat crazy barrister not understand? If you are in dire mental straits you NEED to be f'n confined. Luckily for Britney she has the means to be "confined" in a pretty cushy mansion where she is being waited on hand and foot. She is allowed out to go shopping, to go exercising and to dine out (while being closely chaperoned) If it were the Aging Disco Diva who started tripping the light fandango I would be tossed in a tiny room with urine stained pads on the floor and walls. Britney might not be very appreciative right now but I think everyone else (outside of Eardley and Sam Lufti) has to agree that she is in a much better place mentally since Daddy took the T-Bird away. Only one coochie shot and nary a head shaving all week, but she is still a long way from being able to make sane choices. Why then would this lawyer keep calling press conferences? Well:

It is getting old Mr. Eardley, go find another gravy train to try and climb aboard.

Wildcat News


Sorry, it is just too f'n depressing...I will always bleed purple and root for my beloved Wildcats, but this has been a rough, rough month for the KSU faithful. Not much more I can say without sobbing hysterically or banging my head into the walls.


  1. I think the world has a chance to see we can, indeed, see that we don't need Starbucks. But Brit, she needs it. I'm on watch for her!

  2. Well we are into hour two of the Starbucks famine and so far no one has gone off the deep end in an espresso rage, but let's see if the world can make it all the way through the third hour. Thanks for coming by again Deb, I appreciate it!

  3. I am the epitome of a true coffee whore! And I DO love my Starbucks however I was able to make it through the 3 hour period without one. Hell, I keep a Senseo coffee machine in my bedroom for such emergencies! As for Brit Brit...well I hope she was able to see the crisis through without a trip to the psych unit. Poor girl! Love your blog and will most definitely be a return visitor!!!