Too Stupid To Remember To Breath

The shallow end of the gene pool....

Ya' know something? In the old days (I mean the really, really old days) Mother Nature took care of those human beings who are so stupid that you if you stood too close you could literally feel your brain cells being sucked out of your head by the vast intelligence vacuum in theirs. Back then the truly stupid would walk up to a saber toothed tiger and say "Oh look, how cu...." and before they could finish the sentence they were kitty chow and mercifully removed from the human gene pool. Unfortunately that is no longer the case and the severely stupid not only survive, they often end up on reality TV. Case in point:

Stupid is as stupid..

February 27, 2008 -- The buxom blond wife of a city cop yesterday said she humiliated her husband in front of 8 million viewers of the reality show "Moment of Truth" - revealing she slept around and wanted to be wed to another guy - in a bid for fame and fortune.

But Lauren Cleri, 26, and her baby-faced hubby, rookie NYPD Officer Frank Cleri, 24, of Rockland County, said after appearing on the Fox show Monday night, they came away without any prize money, no immediate job offers for her - and a potentially irrevocably broken marriage. The pair catapulted into the national spotlight on the stomach-churning episode when Lauren revealed that she had cheated on her husband of two years and really wished she was married to an old boyfriend. The show has contestants take a lie-detector test. On Monday's show - taped two weeks ago - Lauren's ex-boyfriend made a surprise appearance and asked:

"Do you believe I am the man you should be married to?"

As Frank Cleri grimaced on the sidelines, his wife said, "Well, wow, um. I'm going to be honest and say yes."

The lie-detector results said she was being truthful, and she was awarded $100,000. After admitting that she cheated on Frank, too, and netting another $100,000, she was asked if she thought she is a good person.

She answered, "Yes," but the lie-detector test said she was lying. She lost all of the money.

Lauren, you almost had all that money in your vapid, grubby little paws, but ya' blew it. A simple "No, I am an immoral skank...please make the check out to CASH" would have netted you a big payday, a divorce, a TV pilot for a truly awful sitcom that never would have seen the light of day, and maybe a quick horizontal mambo with the ex-boyfriend. Now, you are left with no money, no husband, a casting couch offer from the producer of "Gene Simmons Sexcapades" and your ex-boyfriend is telling everyone "I never saw that woman before!" Might I also suggest you move out of New York? The NYPD don't take too kindly to one of their own being made an arse on TV.

Why in the hell would a woman who KNOWS she cheated go on a TV show that garners ratings by digging up and revealing contestant's darkest secrets????? Oh, yeah BECAUSE SHE IS F'n STUPID. Holy cow, let's all hope she does not reproduce.

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  1. That's why I just watch Springer. If you are a guest on that show, and not the one that arranged it, then why the hell would you get on the plane?

    What gets me is that the contestants on moment of truth know the questions ahead of time and can decide to not take part in the show after sitting through the lie detector. If I was on a person's friend and family bench. I would hit the buzzer before the first question.

  2. Brava,Diva!I'd seen the promos for Monday's episode, and couldn't figure out why they'd put such a major revelation in them. Missed the show, though. Who knew she'd tell the truth to run up the total, then fail to do so to cash the check? Thanks for using the Wand Of Righteous Indignation [saves me the trouble] on Lil' Miss Trailer Trash [then again, most trailer trash know where they stand on the evolutionary scale]!

    -Mike Riley

  3. Is that first picture a young George W. Bush?

    Unfortunately for us all, stupid never takes a holiday. Cheers Diva!!

  4. Hi Pilotg2..yup, you have to wonder who would actually voluntarily appear on Springer (Or Maury) but luckily for America there is no shortage of the stupendously stupid who are more than willing to trade any tiny shred of self respect they might have had for a chance to make arses of themselves on TV. Ain't that just grand? LOL

  5. Mike, it is amazing isn't it? The Big Apple Bimbo was willing to completely cut her husband's manberries off on national TV but would not admit that she was a skank so she missed out on the big paycheck. I think that shows a special level of stupidity and she should be nominated for some kind of an award. I will have my flying monkeys whip something up...and I can have an award ceremony that will be televised live... and Gary Busey can show up and try and molest Angelina...and Brad and their 24 kids will beat the crap out of him...mmmmm, this just might work!

  6. Hi are looking at this all wrong. It is not unfortunate that stupid never takes a is grand. If it were not for stupidity we would have very little to watch on TV and the US government would collapse. Grab another adult beverage and let's all drink to stupidity!