Britney and Frances

FF meltdown

Every time you think it could not be any more bizarre in BritneyWorld something else happens that makes you literally gasp and say out loud "WTF????" I will admit, I love to read my gossip rags and prowl my gossip blogs, and Britney has been THE story the last two years (sorry Tiny Tom, Catatonic Katie and Turkey Baster Baby, when the mother ship comes and whisks you away you might be able to compete with BritneyWorld) But come on.... we read gossip items with a huge grain of salt and laugh when the rags finally manage to get one out of 200 stories right... but Britney has been whole other ball of wax. Her antics are so public, so "out there" that the rag sheets do not have to make anything up or even work at a story. For crying out loud---she bedded a married paparazzi last week and did not even bother to try and sneak around (heck not even Paris is that sleazy) The big question has not been whether or not Britney is a whack job, the question was WHY is she such a friggin' wack job. I think most people (myself included) assumed it was mostly caused by quaffing toxic cocktails of various legal and illegal substances combined with the IQ of a kumquat (in fact the combined IQ of the whole clan seems to be equal to that of a small, almost ripe, kumquat) But if the latest gossip is to be believed she tested negative for drugs after her complete meltdown Thursday evening, which leads us to the conclusion that Britney is mentally ill. I don't know about you, but that garners another "WTF?" If those leeches who call themselves her friends, family or even her bed-partner-of-the-day knew that her bizzaro behavior was not fueled by drugs what were they waiting for? Yeah, I don't want to jeopardize your meal ticket. I guess the thought of actually having to go out and WORK is much more repellent than the thought sleeping in a house with a certifiably crazy woman who has a kitchen full of sharp knives....I know mentally ill does not always equate being a danger to yourself and others....but did you see the footage of her wailing on that car with an umbrella--can I get another "WTF?"?

When she was prowling public restrooms at gas stations BAREFOOT our stomaches all churned as we gagged out a "WTF?" When she managed to make K-Fed look like Father of The Year material we all scratched our heads and uttered "WTF?" But the story of what happened Thursday night started making the rounds it caused everyone to groan "WTF?" because it is so sad. Some reporters were speculating that Britney would go off the deep end when the attention turned to her bun-in-my-underage-belly little sister but most of us figured whatever new stunt she would pull would involve pink wigs, wearing no panties or bra (Oops, I showed my naughty bits again!) club hopping and maybe more sex in a pool with relative strangers....never did we envision ambulances, being strapped to a gurney, straight jackets and psych wards. As the salacious details are coming out my heart breaks for her sons. OMG, they witnessed the whole thing....they have been exposed to "Mommy's nuttiness" which apparently included her strolling around buck naked in a filthy mansion, putting soda in their bottles, wanting to bleach their little teeth (Hint: putting cola in your babies' bottle leads to teeth staining and decay, Sweet Pea) and being hauled out by police and paramedics straight to a psychiatric ward. Those poor kids....between them and the Michael Jackson brood some shrink in California is going to be very, very rich someday.

This whole Britney having a public meltdown fiasco reminded me of another famous person who had to battle demons publicly (not Margot Kidder, though she too has bravely struggled with bipolar disorder) Frances Farmer was a beautiful actress during the 1930s. I first read about Frances Farmer in "Hollywood Babylon" by Kenneth Anger sometime in the late 1970s and became fascinated by her story. There is not an overly excessive number of parallels between Frances and Britney but enough to make you go "Hmmmmm" Both cases seemed to involve alcohol, pushy mothers, self concerns about being too fat and a very public downward spiral that led to a much photographed meltdown. There was a cheesy movie made of her life starring Jessica Lange (Jessica was wonderful, the movie wasn't) If you get a chance you might want to grab a copy of her autobiography "Will There Really Be Morning?" or her biography "Shadowland" written by William Arnold (though there seems to be some question as to its accuracy) If you are interested in reading up on Frances Farmer here are some websites:

HistoryLink Essay
Frances Farmer Tribute
Frances Farmer Films as an actress
Frances Farmer--The Journey (YouTube)

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