From the beginning.....

Everything has to have a beginning and this blog is no different. I will try my hardest to amuse, share and probably annoy and disgust anyone who stumbles on this voyeuristic journey into my mind.

I can be pretty obsessive when it comes to things that catch my attention....devoting tons of time and energy towards exploring, dissecting and analyzing topics to death....until I lose interest and then it is on to the next great adventure. There have been some constants over the years: those things I never seem to lose interest in--namely my family, computers, Kansas State University, chocolate and at the risk of coming off as the queen of narcissism--me. I have long pondered these questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why do so many good things seem to happen in my life? Why am I considered to be lucky? Why is chocolate addicting? Is Jessica Simpson really as stupid as she appears? Would anyone notice if I had a pool boy with six pack abs, but did not own a pool?

Creating a blog seems to be something I was destined to do. As a child and teenager I kept journals and dairies in which I recorded all my secret thoughts and dreams. I am still a compulsive list maker and note taker. I have a mountain of notebooks, journals, binders and piles of papers filled with cryptic messages that chronicled my passions and interests over time. When I was pregnant with my oldest child I took up filet crochet and have notebooks filled with patterns and all kinds of notes . In the early 1980s I turned my obsessiveness towards learning all about main stream religions and cults...yup you know it---notebooks filled with information and opinions on Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah Witness, Lutherans, Moonies, The People's Temple, Scientology, Judaism, Buddhism etc. This morning, as I was writing in yet another one of my journals---this one chronicling my weight loss--- I got the urge to create a blog and maybe save a tree (or in my case a forest)

OK, enough about me.... no, not really..... there's more.

I am 51 years old but I don't feel 51, which is strange. Some days I feel like I am 101, but most days I feel...oh I don't know... around 31 or 32. My oldest child just turned 29 so my brain must be still stuck with the "new math" that was forced upon me during the space race panic of the 196os. I am a grandmother (a role that I adore---I truly do believe that being a grandparent is God's way of rewarding you for not eating your young) and I am completely comfortable being "Grandma" though I must admit I love it when that rare person tells me that I look too young to be the grandmother of a nine year old ("Oh, no that's not true" I demurely coo in proper humility as the little voice inside of me shouts "KEEP TELLING ME THAT, even if it is a friggin lie. I don't care!") Hell, I'll even give their seeing eye dog an appreciative pat on the head. I will keep any comments about my children and grandkids pretty generic (and of course no names) but anything else will be fair game.

I adore my Kansas State Wildcats, sweepstaking, reading deliciously trashy gossip magazines, books and gossip blogs, politics and pop culture. My latest interests include losing some weight, being The Supreme Ruler of the planet Earth and Pogo.

Of course, anything written in this blog is simply the musings of an aging disco diva....

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