The Twilight Zone

This promises to be one of those weeks where you will constantly hear the theme from the “Twilight Zone” playing softly in the background…..

When I turn on CNN this afternoon what do I see? War in the Middle East, the economy sucks, presidential primaries, researchers at the University of Minnesota were able to create a beating heart in a lab, big snow storm hit the east coast? No…live video of Britney Spears finally getting her arse out of bed and heading, hours late, to the hearing to determine whether or not she should get custody of her kids.

You must admit...she puts on a great show. I loved her sense of fashion decorum…. What to wear when you want to show the world that you are a responsible mother?? Why, a lace see-through, mini, cootchie showing, oh-so-not-virginal white dress complete with mile high “F-me” shoes of course!

Contrast this to what Catatonic Katie wore this morning to her Good Morning America interview:

Now, I am not a big fan of the “Let’s look like we are a matronly sixty year old socialite” look, but ya’ gotta admit it wouldn’t have hurt Britney to adopt the look---even for a little while today….hell, Brit, you and your married boy-toy of the week could have gone home and played “Librarian and the book collector” later on (Librarian, Britney…library, hon…you know the place with all those books…no dear, not THOSE kind of books—that is called an adult book store…never mind….)

Well , the Circus that is called Britney continued all afternoon. Would she show up? Would she be able to walk in those ridiculous shoes? Would she flash her nether regions at the paps for the millionth time this week? Would she testify on her behalf (Honestly you’all…it was not what it seemed, ya know…I wasn’t having a meltdown…it was all just a misunderstanding….I wanted a ice frappuccino and just ya’ know, got upset when I began jonseing for one…I wasn’t having a breakdown, I just needed my frap, ya’ know?)

Anyway, I bet Tiny Tom is hoping that the Britney du Soleil continues all week and attention is taken from the publication of Tom Cruise: an Unauthorized Biography slated for tomorrow here in the US. Dish, dish and more dish. The mother ship and its inhabitants are said to be beside themselves with fury. Here are some interesting blurbs about the book:,2933,320519,00.html

I must admit The Aging Disco Diva is looking forward to reading this book...and to what the rest of this week has in store for the Twilight Zone

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