This Darwin Award Nominee Scurries Ahead

Nothing quite tickles the Diva's funny bone like reading about some poor schlub's earnest attempt to win the Darwin Award. For those of you that might need a Reader's Digest Darwin Award review: The Darwin Awards recognize individuals who have contributed to mankind by ensuring that they will not pass on their dim-bulb  DNA by eliminating any chance of procreation by doing themselves in, or self-neutering, via their own stupid actions. Kinda' like a jumping off a high dive board into the shallow end of the gene pool and drowning. 

And folks....we have not only strong candidate for the October 2012 Darwin Award, I am thinking we had an individual who has made a real case to be the 2012 Darwin Award Winner of the Year. Well done sir, well done.

The 32 year old winner of a roach-eating contest sponsored by a Florida reptile store collapsed and later died after eating dozens of the insects and worms.  And what, might you ask, was the priceless prize that was worth popping roaches like they were Milk Duds? A python.

 "It was quite amazing, because it looked like he hadn't eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the guy definitely wanted to win that snake, at least that's what it looked like to me, at first," witness Mason Kahzam said. He was grabbing the roaches "a handful at a time." "I don't even think he was chewing them at one point, he was more or less swallowing them," he said.


I suspect that if he had not died by roach, he would have taken his prize home and wrapped it several times around his neck after he splashed on some Eau de Rat Toilette... and he would be a strong candidate for the October 2012 Darwin Awards. Some things were just meant to be.

  Watch at your own risk (images and language NOT suitable for youngsters or those with delicate stomachs)

What more can be said?

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