Liam is like a fine wine....


The Diva loves her some Liam Neeson... he is a hot hunk of mature man. The thought of a nekkid Hulk Hogan makes me want to toss my cookies...the thought of a nekkid Liam Neeson gives me the kind of leg tingles that would make Chris "Tweety Bird" Matthews envious. Thanks to Ellen I don't have to rely all that much on my imagination. Liam is 60 years old and I adore every wrinkle on his shaggilicious body. Yummy does not necessarily mean a six-pack abs. has suddenly gotten very hot here in the Disco Mansion. Oh my, I  think I have the vapors coming on. Where are those dang flying monkeys and the gold plated silk hand fans they are supposed to be waving over my fabulous polyester-clad Rubenesque physique? Damn dirty apes have probably have picked the lock on my liquor cabinet and are getting sauced on Banana Daiquiris. Sigh. I think I'll watch that video again while I wait for them to sober up. 

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