It's December 1st and the Diva's thoughts turn to Tiny Tim...

William Hung....Sanjaya Malakar...Paris Hilton...Yoko Ono...yes, they were bad, bad, bad singers, but they still have a long way to come close to the star that was TINY TIM.

No, not Bob Cratchit's Tiny Tim...

but the Tiny Tim of my youth:

Tiny Tim was the complete package: terrible voice, not much of a looker and well, Tiny Tim was odd...very odd. It is hard to describe Tiny Tim to young'uns--you had to be alive and kicking during the 1960s and 70s to begin to wrap your brain around the cultural phenomenon that was TT. He was a middle aged, pudgy, long haired man who sang in a falsetto and played the ukulele--badly. The first time I saw Tiny Tim he was on "Laugh In" and to be honest I thought he was part of some kind of a joke:

I was one month short of being ten years old on the night that Tiny Tim appeared on Laugh In and I had not yet been introduced to the phrase OMFG...but seriously--can you think of any other phrase that would come to mind if you were watching him for the first time?

There was a LOT of wacky tobaccy smoked back then--how else could you explain 45 million people tuning in to The Johnny Carson Show on December 17, 1969 to watch Tiny Tim marry "Miss Vicky" his 17 year old bride? I was a much more erudite 13-and-a-half year old on that night and my vocabulary was broad enough to include "WTF????" as I watched a girl who was only about 4 years older than me marry Tiny Tim. Still kinda' creeps me out all these years later.

And now for my early Christmas gift to all of you: Tiny Tim does Rod Stewart:

You're so very welcome!


  1. Oh YEAH! Tiny Tim, now that's something to talk about. Love it!

  2. Hi Big Shoes! Once you've seen Tiny Tim singing "Do you think I'm sexy?" your life can never be the same again, LOL. Thanks for dropping by and dancing with the Aging Disco Diva.