Go Get the Busy Bee!!!

The Aging Disco Diva has a new heir to her throne as Ruler of the Whole Damn Universe, Prince Finian Bogurt. When I went to the store to buy his royal toys I saw a squeaky toy bee and went crazy (Well...crazier than normal) Now you have to understand that "Best in Show" is one of my all time favorite movies so when I saw this bee I started shouting "GO GET THE BUSY BEE!!!" This caused the disinterested pimply faced store clerk who had been working so very hard to ignore me to suddenly perk up with fear. Unfortunately for him, the crazy old lady staggering about unsteadily on 12"platform disco shoes while waving a dog toy in her hand was between him and the front door (aka: safety) I teetered over to him, and as a way of explanation said "Best in Show" His look of terror was replaced by slack jawed stupidity and he said "Huh?"

I could have shown compassion, I could have gone easy on him...but dambit...anyone who works in a pet store and is not familiar with "Best in Show" deserves no pity...So I shouted "What are you? A wizard? A genius?!!!" and flipped a package of puppy pads to him so he could clean up the puddle he just made....

The royal Prince and his busy bee:

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