Fork You? Not exactly.....

The Aging Disco Diva was a child of rock n roll, a teen of  disco, a young adult of 80s big hair music and am now an old fart of Euro-trash music. Music keeps me alive--anyone who tries to pry my iPod from my claws is going to be engaged in a battle to the death.  I will confess that I don't like too much of the newer stuff (I also like to stand out on my front porch and scream at the neighborhood kids to get the hell off of my mansion lawn) but every once in a while something will come along that just tickles the polyester out of my faded hot pants. There are two versions of this song...the clean version and the one I like (the Rated "R" for language version) but I will show some restraint and post the sanitized version here....but will provide the link to the original version below. If you don't like it--then I guess all I have to say is "Fork You, and fork her too!!"

If you want a real laugh you need to watch the original version "F***k You"

The Original song and video

And as a service to my hearing impaired readers--here ya go:

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